2024 Mazda 2 Price And Interior

2024 Mazda 2 

Mazda 2 is a compact minicar available in hatchback and Sedan vehicles. It is available in seven trim levels all powered by diesel engines except one which uses a petrol engine. Mazda introduced its latest model in 2022 with all the advanced features but in 2023 its updated version was launched in late spring with certain modifications in design and external features and some of the improvements in engine and suspension system. It comes equipped with eagle eye-shaped headlights, with a wide grill and bumper.

mazda 2 2024

Overall, the body has random curved lines to give it a stylish appearance. This latest version carries large alloy wheels in a matte black color with a silver finish and black mirror caps enhance its agile beauty. Mazda 2 hatchback has access to Android Auto and Wireless Car Play and offers Bluetooth and wireless connectivity. This car is powered by a DOHC petrol engine with 1496cc engine displacement to generate enough power for its smooth and efficient working. Along with modifications in design and improvements in the engine,The vehicle underwent various technical modifications and it gained much popularity among all the previous generations of Mazda. 2012 Mazda 2 is designed for safe and secure driving. It is a driver-oriented technology with all the safety instruments and entertainment equipment being installed in it.

mazda 2

Exterior Design:

The external elegant look is achieved after so many modifications in the previous design. This new generation demands innovative and technical format in everything. The old version was a 3 Seater with fewer facilities but the latest version is a 5 seater compact hatchback with much advanced technology. The front wide grill connected with its bumper offers a new design in Mazda’s History. It’s beautiful eagle-eye-shaped headlights offer a sharp view and astonishing look from its front side. The excessively curved lines are appealing to the viewers. Its black-capped mirrors, black grill, black bumper, and black bulky tires attract black lovers. It has window defoggers, rain wipers, Front and rear LED lights, indicator lights, rear cameras and parking sensors, etc.

Interior Design:

The interior compartment of the 2011 Mazda 2 is made much more comfortable and luxurious than the previous trim levels. Automobile lovers require luxury, comfort , advanced facilities, and safety features and this latest version has all of these. It has a tilted adjustable steering wheel with many control functions on it. It offers a sitting position for five persons and has five doors. All the seats are adjustable and have lumber support. It has an air-conditioned, clean and sophisticated interior, and leather-trimmed seats with cushions and airbags. Mazda 2 provides enough cargo area for putting luggage there.

mazda 2 2025

Infotainment System:

Mazda 2 for sale infotainment system comprises of 7 inches display paired with 6 speakers and high quality sound system. It provides USB port, wireless charging and Bluetooth connectivity for rider’s assistance. It has access to Wireless car play and Android Auto.

Engine specifications:

The latest and updated version is powered by a 1.5 L DOHC engine with 1496cc engine capacity to generate power of 109 hp at 6000 rpm and torque of 144 Nm at 4000 rpm. This ambient power and torque is enough for smooth working of engine.


All the essential and advanced safety instruments have been installed in it like ABS, TCS, Cruise control, parking sensors etc.

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