2023 Bajaj Pulsar NS125 Interior, And Engine

2023 Bajaj Pulsar NS125

New Model Bajaj Pulsar NS125 is a stylish and sporty-looking commuter motorcycle that offers riders an economical and reliable ride. Launched in 2020, this bike is equipped with a 125 cc engine that produces 12 hp of power and 11 Nm of torque. It comes with advanced features like an all-digital instrument cluster, LED headlamp, wide tires, and a muscular design. The bike also has superior suspension for comfortable city riding along with ample storage space for carrying luggage. With its sleek design and powerful performance, the Bajaj Pulsar NS125 is quickly becoming one of the most popular bikes in India. The Pulsar’s frame also includes telescopic forks up front for improved stability on rough roads.

Bajaj Pulsar NS125 Design Bold & Nimble

Design Bold & Nimble is the signature look of the Bajaj Pulsar NS125 mileage The headlight, fuel tank and tail lights have a bold design that stands out from other models in its class. It also has nimble handling as its well-balanced frame and suspension make it easy to manoeuvre through tight corners or rough terrain. Its overall design makes it suitable for city streets as well as off-roading adventures, making it an all-rounder motorcycle that can go anywhere you want to go. The angular styling of the Pulsar NS125 adds to its intimidating look on the street while still being comfortable when riding long distances. Its wide handlebar gives excellent leverage when turning while its slim profile ensures good aerodynamics while zipping through traffic or cruising on highways.

Bajaj Pulsar NS125 2022

Bajaj Pulsar NS125 Performance High Power Output

The Bajaj Pulsar NS125 images is designed to provide riders with high power output and performance. The 125cc single-cylinder engine provides 10hp of power, allowing for an exciting ride on both highways and country roads. The bike’s 4-valve cylinder head, along with its digital twin spark ignition system, means that the engine can quickly reach peak performance without any lag time between revving up the throttle. Additionally, the bike has a 5-speed gearbox which allows you to maximize your acceleration and speed as well as maintain steady control while cornering or cruising on flat terrain.

The Bajaj Pulsar NS125 also comes equipped with a powerful Nitrox mono shock absorber at the back for improved handling and stability even when moving at high speeds.

Bajaj Pulsar NS125 Features Advanced Technology

The Bajaj Pulsar NS125 finance is equipped with advanced technology that makes it a powerful and reliable ride. Its 125cc engine is designed for maximum performance, giving riders a smooth and responsive ride experience. The bike also has an advanced fuel injection system which helps to regulate fuel efficiency and reduce emissions.

The bike also comes with an advanced digital display that includes riding information such as speed, odometer, trip meter, service reminders and more. This display helps riders stay in control of their journey while riding the Pulsar NS125. It also has front disc brakes which provide excellent stopping power in any situation.

Additionally, the Bajaj Pulsar NS125 is equipped with a unique anti-lock braking system (ABS) which provides optimal traction even on wet or slippery roads.

Bajaj Pulsar NS125 2023

Bajaj Pulsar NS125 Safety & Comfort Hassle-Free Riding

The Bajaj Pulsar NS125 average is a great choice for those looking for a safe and comfortable ride. With its cutting-edge technology, the bike offers superior safety features that help riders stay in control. The bike comes equipped with an Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS) to ensure greater braking effectiveness and reduce chances of skidding on slippery surfaces. In addition, the bike also has dual channel ABS that enhances stability even at high speed cornering.

Riders can also enjoy maximum comfort with this bike as it is equipped with adjustable rider seat height and handlebars, allowing you to customize your riding position according to your needs. The wide tubeless tires provide excellent grip on any surface while making sure that you remain comfortable while riding.

Bajaj Pulsar NS125 Price & Availability:

The Bajaj Pulsar NS125 price is an affordable and reliable option for those looking for a reliable, sporty bike. With its powerful 125cc engine, the bike offers plenty of power to tackle any terrain. It’s priced at $2,999, making it a budget-friendly option for many riders.

The bike is available in four colors: red, yellow, black and white. The availability can be checked through local dealerships or online retailers. For those who prefer to customize their bike according to their preferences, spare parts are also easily available from authorized outlets across India.

In addition to the affordability and convenience of buying and customizing the bike, riders will also benefit from Bajaj’s three-year warranty on the engine and two-year warranty on other components of the vehicle.

Bajaj Pulsar NS125

Bajaj Pulsar NS125 price in Philippines PHP 63840
Bajaj Pulsar NS125 price in Pakistan PKR 226,100
Bajaj Pulsar NS125 price in India Rs. 1,05,598

Bajaj Pulsar NS125 Safety Features:

The Bajaj Pulsar NS125 engine is designed with safety features that are essential for a secure and comfortable ride. One of the most important safety features is the Anti-lock Braking System (ABS). This system helps to prevent skidding and ensure stability when braking. It works by preventing wheel lockup, which can occur during hard braking or in slippery road conditions; this allows riders to maintain control of their vehicle while stopping quickly. ABS also helps reduce brake fade, allowing riders to have more confidence when braking in extreme conditions. Furthermore, the ABS system is designed to be durable and reliable, so riders can rely on it for years of safe riding experience.

The Bajaj Pulsar NS125 comes with an advanced ABS feature that provides maximum performance during emergency braking situations.


The Bajaj Pulsar NS125 for sale is an all-rounder motorbike that provides great value for money. It’s a reliable, affordable motorcycle with excellent performance and stylish design. Its 125cc engine offers good power delivery, making it perfect for city commuting or leisure riding. The bike also comes with a range of features, such as alloy wheels, ABS brakes and dual disc brake system. The seating position is comfortable and the suspension system ensures a smooth ride even on rough roads. Overall, the Bajaj Pulsar NS125 is an ideal option if you’re looking for an all-round motorbike that offers performance, style and affordability in one package. It’s perfect for those who want to enjoy their rides without breaking the bank!


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