2023 Honda CD 110 Dream Interior, Price, & Images

2023 Honda CD 110 Dream

New Model Honda CD 110 Dream is an impressive bike that offers superior performance and style. This popular motorcycle was first launched in India in 2009 and has since become a favorite among riders of all ages. With its stylish design, reliable engine technology and competitive price point, the Honda CD 110 Dream is a must-have for any enthusiast.

The Honda CD 110 Dream features an air-cooled single cylinder four-stroke 109cc engine with a maximum power output of 8.25 PS at 7500 RPM. It also has a four speed gearbox with one gear down and three gears up shift pattern, wet multiplate clutch system and front telescopic fork suspension along with rear 5 step adjustable shock absorbers for improved ride quality. The reliable engine technology ensures smooth acceleration while the stylish design enhances the overall appeal of this bike.

Mileage 65 kmpl

Honda CD 110 Dream 2023

Honda CD 110 Dream Overview:

The Honda CD 110 Dream average is a motorcycle designed by Honda Motors to meet the demands of an ever-evolving Indian market. It is an ideal companion for everyday commuting and long distance touring, making it one of the most popular motorcycles in India. This overview will provide an insight into its engine and design, as well as some of its features.

New Honda comes with a 109 cc air cooled engine that delivers 8.4 bhp at 7500 rpm and 8.63 Nm at 5500 rpm. It also features Programmed Fuel Injection (PGM-FI) technology to deliver improved fuel economy and better performance compared to conventional carburetted models. The bike has a diamond frame chassis which provides excellent balance between comfort and agility, enabling riders to tackle all types of terrain with ease.

Seat Height 790 mm

Honda CD 110 Dream Performance and Efficiency

The Honda CD 110 Dream deluxe is a motorcycle that offers riders exceptional performance and efficiency. Its engine produces 8.3 bhp of power at 7,000 rpm and 8.7 Nm of torque at 5,500 rpm, making it an ideal choice for those who want to get around town quickly and easily. The design also incorporates several advanced features such as the “Honda Eco Technology” which helps reduce emissions while still maintaining strong acceleration and high fuel economy. Additionally, its lightweight frame makes it easy to maneuver in city traffic or on winding roads alike.

Honda CD 110 Dream

Fuel Tank Capacity 9.1 litres

In terms of efficiency, the New CD 110 Dream is equipped with a fuel injection system that helps ensure optimal fuel delivery for maximum power output without adversely affecting mileage returns per liter of petrol consumed. The motorcycle also has an impressive top speed of 87 kmph and can reach 0-60 kmph in just 6.

Honda CD 110 Dream Safety Features

The Honda CD 110 Dream mileage is a reliable and safe bike that offers a range of features to keep riders secure on the roads. Its wide range of safety features make it an ideal choice for those looking for a secure ride. The first notable feature of the bike is its Anti-lock Braking System, or ABS, which allows the rider to maintain control over the bike while braking in difficult scenarios. This helps prevent skidding and loss of traction when coming to sudden stops, making it safer on wet roads as well. Additionally, the presence of both front and rear disc brakes give added stopping power in case of emergencies. Equally important are its LED headlights which offer superior visibility at night, allowing riders to see clearly even in dark conditions. The LED tail lights also ensure that other vehicles can easily spot you from behind when driving at night or during bad weather conditions.

Engine Capacity 109.51 cc

Honda CD 110 Dream Price and Availability

Honda CD 110 Dream price is an economical motorcycle that provides a good combination of affordability and performance. It is one of the most popular motorcycles in the country, particularly among commuters. The ex-showroom price of new Honda starts at INR 49,000 and goes up to INR 60,000 depending on the state of purchase.

New CD 110 Dream bike comes with a reliable 102cc four-stroke engine and has a maximum power output of 8.25 bhp @ 7500 rpm along with 9 Nm peak torque at 5500 rpm. Moreover, it features an air-cooled single cylinder engine for comfortable commuting as well as efficient fuel economy figures. The Honda CD 110 Dream is widely available across authorized dealerships all over India.

Honda CD 110 Dream2022

Honda CD 110 Dream price in Philippines Rs. 65,248
Honda CD 110 Dream price in Pakistan PKR= 129,500
Honda CD 110 Dream price in India Rs. 70,848

Honda CD 110 Dream Verdict

The jury is in, and the verdict is clear: the Honda CD 110 Dream is an excellent bike that offers riders a great deal of value. With its unique combination of features – including a powerful engine, stylish design, and impressive fuel efficiency – this bike has become one of the top choices for commuters in India. For starters, the Honda CD 110 Dream delivers an efficient yet powerful performance thanks to its 110cc air-cooled engine which generates 8.25bhp @ 7500 rpm and maximum torque of 8.63 Nm @ 5500rpm. As such, it can easily tackle heavy traffic as well as road trips over longer distances without any hassle. Its comfortable suspension ensures that riders have a smooth ride regardless of terrain or weather conditions.


The Honda CD 110 Dream for sale is a popular two-wheeler option for those looking for an economical and reliable ride. It has been in the market for quite some time now and its features have made it one of the top choices among consumers. With its fuel efficiency, low maintenance costs and good performance, it is no wonder that this bike has become so popular in India.

In conclusion, the Honda CD 110 Dream is definitely a good choice if you are looking for an affordable yet reliable bike with excellent features. Its good performance, low maintenance costs and fuel efficiency make it attractive to buyers who want to invest in a quality product without compromising on their budget. Moreover, its stylish design makes it stand out from other bikes available in the market today. All these factors make this bike a great option to consider when you are planning your next purchase of a two-wheeler vehicle.

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