2023 Honda Grazia Engine, Review, And Price

2023 Honda Grazia

New Model Honda Grazia, the first-ever scooter from Honda Motorcycle and Scooter India (HMSI) to feature a digital instrument cluster, is making waves in India’s two-wheeler industry. It has been designed as a sporty, modern scooter that offers superior performance in terms of fuel efficiency, ergonomics, and convenience.

Max Power 8.00 bhp

New Grazia also comes with class-leading features such as telescopic suspension, an all-new eSP engine technology, and an automated headlamp-on (AHO) function for enhanced safety. The Honda Grazia is powered by a 124cc single-cylinder air-cooled engine mated to a V-Matic CVT gearbox which churns out 8bhp at 6500rpm and 10Nm at 5500rpm of peak torque.

Honda Grazia 22

Honda Grazia Design & Styling

Power 8.25 PS

The Honda Grazia blue colour is a stylish scooter that’s designed to provide riders with an exciting, comfortable ride. The sleek, modern design of the Grazia stands out on the road – it has a distinct and eye-catching shape that’s sure to turn heads. The bold coloring options also add to its allure. Whether you opt for the classic black or choose one of the more vibrant colors, you can be sure your Grazia looks like no other on the streets. In terms of styling, the Honda Grazia offers both traditional features as well as some unique extras. There are plenty of chrome accents for added flair and sophistication, while special LED lighting adds extra visibility at night time. Inside there’s plenty of room for two people plus some storage space in the back – perfect for those weekend getaways!

Honda Grazia Features & Specifications

The Honda Grazia mileage is the ultimate scooter for those who are looking for a stylish, powerful, and comfortable ride. Featuring an elegant design, advanced technology, and superior performance, the Grazia stands out amongst its competitors in the two-wheeler market.

Engine 123.97 cc

Honda Grazia

New Grazia comes with a 125 cc engine that produces 8 bhp of power at 6500 rpm. The long wheelbase offers improved stability while riding in all weather conditions. The state-of-the-art combi brake system ensures maximum control on wet or dry roads with a low effort from the rider’s side. Moreover, this New Honda scooter also features integrated stop lamps and position lamps to ensure better visibility even in foggy conditions.

Honda Grazia Safety & Comfort

Seat Height 766 mm

When it comes to comfort and safety, the Honda Grazia sports edition sets a new benchmark. Its advanced design features make it an attractive option for urban commuters who want both style and security. The scooter is fitted with the latest in state-of-the-art technology, such as a Combined Braking System (CBS) that ensures maximum braking power during emergency stops. It also has an internal locking system and a speed limiter to ensure riders are traveling safely at all times. Other comfort features include a large storage capacity with 18 liters of space under the seat and dual LED headlights that provide visibility in low-light conditions. The stylish aerodynamic design not only looks good but makes the ride smooth and comfortable, even on uneven roads or over long distances. Furthermore, its 122cc Honda Grazia engine offers excellent fuel economy while delivering great performance.

Honda Grazia Mileage & Fuel Economy

The Honda Grazia mileage per liter is a great choice for those who want to stay fuel efficient while still enjoying the convenience of a scooter. With its sleek design, impressive mileage and fuel economy, it’s no wonder that the Honda Grazia is one of the most popular scooters on the market.

Fuel Tank Capacity 5.3 litres

Honda Grazia offers an impressive mileage of 66km/l thanks to its state-of-the-art Eco Technology which optimizes combustion efficiency and reduces emissions. Additionally, it has a revised gear ratio system and brake energy regeneration technology which helps in providing better acceleration and improved fuel economy. The overall result is excellent performance with significantly lower emissions compared to other scooters in its class.

Honda Grazia2023

Honda Grazia Price & Availability

The Honda Grazia price is a stylish and dynamic scooter that offers an excellent driving experience. It features a Honda Grazia powerful 125cc engine and is available in three distinct styles; the standard, deluxe and alloy. The price of the Honda Grazia ranges from Rs. 58,000 to 67,000 (ex-showroom Delhi) depending on the model chosen.

New Honda Grazia is widely available across India in authorized dealerships as well as online stores like Amazon and Flipkart. Customers can also enjoy a wide range of aftermarket accessories for the scooter such as LED lights, seat covers, handlebar grips etc which are available at reasonable prices. Furthermore, customers can also opt for extended warranty plans to protect their investment in this reliable vehicle further.

Honda Grazia price in Philippines PHP 52800
Honda Grazia price in Pakistan PKR 187,000
Honda Grazia price in India Rs. 82,265


The Honda Grazia for sale has been one of the most popular scooter models in India since its launch. The Grazia boasts several features including a digital speedometer, an optional front disc brake, and a powerful engine that can reach speeds up to 60 kilometers per hour. While the Grazia is not without its flaws, it still remains one of the best scooter options available in India. The Grazia offers great fuel efficiency and low maintenance costs, making it an attractive option for those looking for a reliable commuter vehicle. With its sleek design and modern technology, the Honda Grazia provides an excellent balance between style and performance. Its relatively affordable price makes this model ideal for anyone looking for a stylish ride at an affordable cost. All in all, the 2023 Honda Grazia is sure to keep providing commuters with a reliable source of transportation for many years to come.


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