2023 Honda Shine History, Price, And Design

2023 Honda Shine

New Model Honda Shine is a powerful and reliable motorcycle from the Honda Motorcycle and Scooter India brand. This incredible motorbike is designed for riders who demand reliability and performance in a lightweight package. It has been one of the top selling motorcycles in India since its launch in 2006, thanks to its combination of high-end features and affordability.

This bike offers excellent fuel efficiency, with its 125 cc engine providing an impressive mileage of 65 Km/litre even under heavy load conditions. The Honda Shine also offers superior handling capabilities due to its low center of gravity design, allowing riders to make tight turns easily and smoothly. Additionally, the bike has an array of features including stylish alloy wheels, dual disc brakes for enhanced braking power, adjustable suspension system for optimal riding comfort, and a large digital instrument panel for easy monitoring of vehicle status.

Honda Shine History:

Honda Shine mileage is a motorcycle model produced by Honda Motor Company, Ltd., which has been in production for over 25 years. The history of the Shine traces back to the mid-1990s when Honda was one of the first companies to produce 4-stroke engines for motorcycles. Since then, the Shine has become one of Honda’s most popular models due to its reliable and efficient engine technology. Through continuous evolution and innovation, the Shine continues to be a leader in both performance and design.

The original Shine was released with a New 124cc engine capable of 11 horsepower at 8500 RPMs. It was designed as an affordable commuter bike that could tackle many different types of terrain while providing comfortable riding experience.

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Honda Shine Design Overview

The Honda Shine top model is a popular motorcycle model from Honda Motorcycles and Scooters India. It is a perfect blend of style and convenience, making it an ideal choice for everyday commuters. With its sleek design, advanced technology, and impressive fuel efficiency, the Honda Shine stands out as a leader in the two-wheeler segment.

The bike’s design features include modern looks with classic lines that combine to create an eye-catching silhouette. The lightweight body combined with sturdy suspension offers riders an agile ride experience on both city streets and country roads. In addition to its stylish exterior, the Shine has several advanced technologies such as Programmed Fuel Injection (PGM-Fi), Combi-Brake System (CBS), and engine kill switch for added safety.

Honda Shine Performance Features

The Honda Shine fuel economy has become one of the most popular motorcycles in India, and for good reason. With a powerful 125cc engine, this bike is perfect for those looking for great performance features.

New Honda is equipped with a 4-stroke air-cooled OHC engine which produces 10.3 bhp at 7500 rpm and 11 Nm of torque at 5500 rpm. This ensures that riders can enjoy smooth and powerful acceleration over long distances. The bike also comes equipped with an innovative HET (Honda Eco Technology) technology which helps to improve fuel efficiency while still delivering high performance output. Additionally, the advanced Combi Braking System (CBS) provides superior braking control even in challenging road conditions.

Overall, the Honda Shine offers excellent performance features that make it perfect for Indian roads and conditions.

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Honda Shine Durability and Reliability

When it comes to motorcycles, few models can match the durability and reliability of 2023 Honda Shine. This bike has been a top performer in the motorcycle industry for years, providing riders with a dependable ride through any terrain. With its solid construction and robust engine design, the Honda Shine is built to last.

The Honda Shine is powered by an air-cooled 4-stroke 125cc engine that provides smooth acceleration and reliable power delivery at all speeds. The bike’s robust frame ensures stability during fast riding while also offering plenty of protection against potholes and other obstacles on the road. In addition, its advanced braking system provides swift stops in any situation, further enhancing rider safety and confidence.

Thanks to its reliability and proven performance, riders can be sure that their Honda Shine won’t let them down when they need it most.

Honda Shine Popular Models

Honda Shine gadi is one of the most popular models in the motorcycle industry. This model offers a powerful engine and superior performance, making it an attractive choice for both experienced and inexperienced riders alike. The New Honda has been designed with advanced technology, offering riders enhanced safety features such as strong brakes, comfortable seating and high fuel efficiency. With its affordable price tag and reliable components, it’s no wonder why this model continues to be a hit among motorcyclists year after year.

New Shine addition to its impressive features, the Honda Shine also offers several customization options to make your ride unique. From paint colors that allow you to express yourself through artistry to upgraded features like LED lights or performance exhaust systems, there are plenty of ways to customize your bike according to your style and preferences.

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Honda Shine Price

The Honda Shine price is a popular motorcycle model in India, and its price range makes it an attractive option for those looking for a reliable ride. The two-wheeler comes with several features that make it a great choice for those on the move. With prices starting from Rs 66,817 (ex-showroom, Delhi) to Rs 79,900(ex-showroom, Delhi), the Honda Shine has something for everyone.

New Shine bike offers superior performance and economical fuel efficiency that make it a desirable choice. It is powered by a 125cc single-cylinder engine which can produce 10.16 Bhp of maximum power at 7500 rpm and 11 Nm of maximum torque at 5500 rpm. The electric starter ensures quick ignition while the 5 speed gearbox provides smoother rides even in congested traffic situations.

Honda Shine price in Philippines PHP 47952

Honda Shine price in Pakistan PKR 167,960

Honda Shine price in India ₹ 69,018


Honda Shine for sale is an iconic motorcycle in India and a popular choice for commuters across the country. After analyzing all its features, it can be safely concluded that Honda Shine is a great value-for-money bike. Be it the stylish design, powerful engine, or attractive features; everything about this bike has been designed keeping in mind the needs of modern day riders.

New Honda Shine’s superior performance, along with its competitive pricing makes it an ideal choice for those who are looking for a reliable and economical daily ride. The impressive mileage ensures that you don’t have to worry about frequent refuelling stops, allowing you to enjoy your rides without any worries. With all these qualities combined into one package, there’s no doubt that Honda Shine is a great buy!


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