2023 TVS Raider 125 Safety, Design, & Price

2023 TVS Raider 125

Mileage 57 kmpl

New Model TVS Raider 125 is an impressive and stylish motorcycle that offers riders a great combination of performance, styling, and affordability. The dynamic 125cc engine delivers power to the road while the modern design makes this bike an eye-catching addition to any garage. It also features excellent fuel efficiency and low maintenance costs, making it a great value for riders who want reliable performance on a budget. This sporty bike is ideal for daily commutes or weekend rides in the city. Its easy maneuverability makes it easy to handle even in tight spaces like narrow lanes or crowded streets. It also has good ground clearance, allowing you to take on uneven terrain with confidence. Additionally, its advanced suspension system ensures a smooth ride over rough roads and bumpy surfaces. All these features make the TVS Raider 125 perfect for both experienced riders and those just starting out on their biking journey.

TVS Raider 125 2021

Seat Height 780 mm

TVS Raider 125 Design:

The TVS Raider 125 mileage is an impressive motorcycle that is built for both style and performance. Its sleek design and modern features make it the perfect choice for riders who prefer a stylish ride with great performance. The New TVS has been designed to be extremely lightweight, yet still pack plenty of power. The frame is made of aluminum alloy, which makes it very sturdy and dependable while still providing the agility needed on any terrain. The motorcycle also comes standard with dual-disc brakes on the front and rear wheels, ensuring maximum stopping power when needed.

Fuel Tank Capacity 10 litres

In addition to its great design, the Raider 125 also offers many versatile features that make it a great option for any rider. It has an adjustable seat height so you can customize your riding position as well as a detachable passenger seat for added convenience during long rides.

TVS Raider 125 Performance:

TVS Raider 125 black is a powerful engine and responsive handling that is perfect for anyone looking to get around the city quickly. This two-wheeler has a 124.8 cc air cooled, 4 stroke engine that provides reliable power to the bike while allowing riders to get up to speed quickly. The responsive handling lets you take sharp corners without having to worry about losing control of the bike. New TVS also features a five-speed transmission with an automatic clutch system which makes it even easier for riders to accelerate when needed.

TVS Raider 125 2022

Kerb Weight 123 kg

Its telescopic front suspension and twin rear shock absorbers give it great stability on the road, enabling you to tackle rough terrain with ease. With its lightweight design, this two-wheeler can easily maneuver around tight spaces and traffic jams in cities.

TVS Raider 125 Safety:

Safety is an important factor when considering any vehicle, and the new TVS Raider 125 is no exception. This scooter has been designed with standard safety measures to ensure riders feel secure while they enjoy their ride. Its top-of-the-line braking system ensures that riders are able to stop quickly and safely in all kinds of road conditions. New Raider 125 also includes a unique anti-lock braking system (ABS) for increased control even on slippery roads, as well as an adjustable front suspension for maximum handling comfort. The vehicle also has several advanced features that make it a safe option for riders.

Transmission 5 Speed Manual

The LED daytime running lights provide extra visibility during the day and at night, helping to keep the rider visible to other drivers on the road. Additionally, its dual horn feature helps alert other drivers of your presence so you can stay safe even in heavy traffic areas.

TVS Raider 125 Price & Availability:

TVS Raider 125

The TVS Raider 125 price is the latest addition to the growing motorcycle market. With its affordable price and great availability, this bike fits into a range of budgets and lifestyles. Priced at just Rs 58,890 (ex-showroom Delhi), the Raider 125 combines style and performance in one powerful package. Its sleek design is complemented by an efficient engine that delivers smooth power delivery across all rev ranges. The bike also features a feature-rich instrumentation console as well as adjustable suspension settings for improved ride comfort. Additionally, it has an anti-lock braking system (ABS) for enhanced safety on the roads. Whether you’re looking for a reliable commuter or an adventurous ride, the TVS Raider 125 will definitely be able to give you what you need in terms of affordability and accessibility.

TVS Raider 125 price in Philippines ₱31,900
TVS Raider 125 price in Pakistan Rs. 85.97 K
TVS Raider 125 price in India Rs. 90,524

TVS Raider 125 Pros & Cons:

When it comes to the TVS Raider 125, fuel economy there are certainly some pros and cons that potential buyers should take into consideration. This motorcycle is equipped with an impressive 125cc engine and has a sporty look that makes it stand out from the rest. Its air-cooled engine, along with its fuel injection system, provide superior performance and help to keep it running efficiently. On the other hand, its relatively low power output and lack of advanced features may be a turnoff for some people. One of the biggest advantages of this bike is its affordability—it’s much cheaper than many other comparable models on the market. It also offers great maneuverability thanks to its lightweight frame and wide tires; however, these features don’t make up for its lack of suspension or braking power compared to more expensive bikes in this class.


The TVS Raider 125 for sale is an ideal motorcycle for the everyday commuter looking for a reliable ride. This 125cc machine comes with a range of features that make it perfect for daily commutes. It has a sturdy frame and suspension, along with powerful brakes and electric start to ensure smooth navigation in traffic. The New Raider 125 transmission provides optimal performance on city roads, while the stylish looks make it stand out from the crowd. The impressive 12-inch alloy wheels add to its stability, making it easy to maneuver even in narrow lanes or sharp turns. The wide seat ensures comfort over long rides and its sporty design adds to its appeal as well. With its fuel efficiency providing up to 50kmpl, the Raider 125 is an economical option as well. All these features put together make this motorcycle an ideal choice for commuters who are looking for a reliable ride at an affordable price point.

Engine Capacity 124.8 cc

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