2023 TVS Star City Plus Safety, & Interior

2023 TVS Star City Plus

New Model TVS Star City Plus is a stylish, fuel efficient scooter that comes with all the modern features. This scooter can be seen on roads in many cities and towns, providing a great mix of style, performance and economy. This scooter has an attractive design that is sure to turn heads wherever you go. It has a sleek body line with vibrant colors to choose from, making it both eye catching and fashionable. The engine gives a smooth ride while still being fuel efficient enough for daily commuting trips. New TVS automatic transmission makes it easy to operate as well as maintain since there are no gears or clutches that need regular replacement or repair. Furthermore, safety features like CBS brakes ensure your protection even during emergency stops or on slippery surfaces.

TVS Star City Plus Design & Styling:

When it comes to design and styling, the TVS Star City Plus stylish is a bold statement. Its edgy lines and sleek curves combine to create an eye-catching look that stands out from the crowd. It has a low-slung seating position which gives it an unmistakably sporty vibe, while its muscular stance and aggressive headlight cluster make it look ready to take on any terrain. The New Star City Plus has been designed with convenience in mind too; its long wheelbase creates extra space for both the rider and passenger, while its spacious storage compartment allows riders to store their belongings securely while they’re out on the road. The bike’s comfortable saddle also provides great cushioning for even longer rides.

TVS Star City Plus 21

TVS Star City Plus Powerful Engine Performance:

Performance is one of the most important aspects when it comes to choosing a bike. That said, the TVS Star City Plus engine offers a powerful engine that will provide you with an enjoyable ride every time. This sleek bike has a 110cc single-cylinder engine that provides more than 8 bhp at 7500 rpm and 8.7 Nm of torque at 5000 rpm, making it perfect for long rides. The bike also features an advanced EcoThrust Fuel Injection system which delivers superior performance for a smooth and comfortable ride. Additionally, its chassis has been designed to ensure stability even at high speed and its brakes guarantee maximum safety in all conditions.

TVS Star City Plus Features Comfort & Convenience

The TVS Star City Plus mileage is a popular commuter option for those seeking optimal comfort and convenience. It’s stylish, efficient design is perfect for navigating crowded city streets, while its sleek features make it look great on the roads as well. With its modern fuel injected engine, users can expect a smooth ride with enough power to get them up even the steepest of hills. TVS Star City Plus comfortable ride is further ensured by the hydraulic shock absorbers and long suspension travel in both the front and rear wheels that can handle any bumps or potholes without a problem. Its ergonomic seating position provides excellent posture support for riders of all sizes, keeping them comfortable even after long trips. In addition, its electric start makes it easier than ever to fire up your bike with just a push of a button.

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TVS Star City Plus Safety:

The TVS Star City Plus fuel economy is the perfect choice for those looking for a safe and secure ride. It comes equipped with several features designed to keep riders safe, and its top-notch security system ensures that passengers enjoy their time on the road worry-free. Its advanced technology includes an anti-theft alarm monitor, as well as an auto lock function and keyless entry system. The sturdy frame is also reinforced with a unique shatterproof coating that provides protection from mechanical damage caused by impact or collision. Moreover, it comes with a dual safety airbag system that full shields riders in case of any accidents. The Star City Plus also has superior lighting systems both in front and back to ensure improved visibility during night rides. Its headlights offer greater illumination of the roads making it easier for riders to navigate rain or shine, day or night.

TVS Star City Plus Pricing:

The TVS Star City Plus price is a reliable and affordable ride for commuters in search of a bike that offers good value for money. Featuring a powerful engine, stylish design, and excellent suspension system, the Star City Plus is an ideal choice for those looking to get around town without breaking the bank. The bike boasts an impressive fuel efficiency that makes it easy on the pocket while also delivering smooth rides. It comes with user-friendly features such as digital speedometer, twin-pod instrument cluster, electric start and maintenance free battery, making it one of the best options in its price range. TVS Star City Plus price tag of this bike starts at just over 50 thousand rupees (ex-showroom) which makes it highly accessible to budget conscious consumers. Moreover, with periodic discounts offered by dealerships across India, owners can benefit from even lower prices that make it an even more attractive buy.

TVS Star City Plus

TVS Star City Plus price in Pakistan Rs.234480
TVS Star City Plus price in Philippines PHP 53735
TVS Star City Plus price in India Rs. 73,282


The TVS Star City Plus for sale is a great choice for those looking to purchase an economical and reliable motorbike. With its stylish design and features, it makes the perfect choice for anyone wanting to make a statement on the roads. It’s ideal for daily commuters who are looking for comfort and speed in their ride. Although there may be competitively priced alternatives available, the Star City Plus stands out with its superior fuel efficiency and engine performance. Overall, this bike has been exceptionally well-received by both critics and riders alike, with many praising its impressive build quality and top-notch components. Perhaps most importantly, the Star City Plus is affordable enough to suit any budget – making it a great option regardless of whether you’re a beginner or experienced rider.


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