2024 Bajaj Platina 110 Design, Styling, & Price

2024 Bajaj Platina 110

New Model Bajaj Platina 110 is a stylish and affordable commuter motorcycle that debuted in India in 2020. It offers excellent value for money, with its combination of modern features, light weight, low fuel consumption and high mileage. The bike comes with a powerful 110cc single-cylinder engine that has been tuned to deliver smooth acceleration. It also has an advanced telescopic front suspension and rear monoshock absorber for improved ride comfort. Other features include electric start, alloy wheels, dual disc brakes, optional ABS and an LED taillight. The bike is available in several attractive paint schemes to choose from. With its efficient engine and modern looks, the Bajaj Platina 110 is ideal for those looking for an economical yet stylish ride around town.

Bajaj Platina 110 Design & Styling:

The Bajaj Platina 110 gear is designed with a sporty, lightweight look in mind. Its sleek frame has been sculpted to keep it light and agile on the roads, while its timeless styling cues give a nod to its classic heritage. The bike’s unique bodywork uses lightweight materials such as aluminum and high-grade steel for maximum durability and strength. The seat is low profile, yet comfortable, providing excellent ergonomic support for long rides

The bike also features a wide range of color options including black, red, blue and green – you can choose one that best fits your style. The bold graphics along the sides of the gas tank add extra flair and make it stand out from other motorbikes in its class.

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Bajaj Platina 110 Engine & Performance:

The Bajaj Platina 110 engine is equipped with a robust and reliable 115cc, 4-stroke single cylinder air cooled engine. This motor is designed to deliver an excellent performance in city traffic as well as on highways. It has a maximum power of 8.6 bhp at 7500 rpm and a peak torque of 9.81 Nm at 5500 rpm. The engine is mated to a four-speed manual gearbox that allows you to enjoy smooth and hassle free riding experience even in traffic conditions. The bike also comes with electric start for effortless starting every time without any kick-starting efforts. Apart from the great power output, the bike also provides superior fuel efficiency with an impressive mileage of 75 kmpl under optimal conditions, making it one of the most economical bikes in its range.

Bajaj Platina 110 Comfort & Convenience:

The Bajaj Platina 110 average is designed to provide comfort and convenience. Its expansive, comfortable seating and ergonomic design make it an ideal choice for long rides. The bike also features an integrated ride control system that ensures ample space and reliable brakes. This system provides enhanced maneuverability while helping to maintain a safe riding experience.

The bike’s extended wheelbase and suspension ensure a smooth ride even on rough terrain, while its 125cc engine offers strong acceleration power. Additionally, the Bajaj Platina 110 has been designed with the rider in mind; its low saddle height makes it easy to mount and dismount the bike for increased safety and comfort. It also comes with tubeless tyres for added security during long rides.

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Bajaj Platina 110 Safety Features:

The Bajaj Platina 110 images is a motorcycle that offers enhanced safety features while riding. It is equipped with Dual Disc Brakes which provide superior stopping power and control to the driver. This is an important safety feature as it helps reduce the risk of skidding and crashing which can be dangerous for both the rider and other motorists on the road.

Bajaj Platina 110 In addition, the bike also comes with Combi Braking System (CBS) technology that distributes braking force evenly between both wheels when riders use their brakes. This helps improve overall braking performance and reduces wheel lock-ups, further enhancing safety on roads. CBS also increases stability during harsh braking maneuvers, making it easier for riders to maneuver in emergency situations.

Overall, these safety features make new Bajaj a great choice for anyone looking for reliable transportation on two-wheels.

Bajaj Platina 110 Power & Mileage

When looking at the Bajaj Platina 110, Mileage it’s important to consider two major factors: power and mileage. The bike produces an impressive 8.6 PS of power and 9 Nm of torque from its air-cooled engine, making it more than capable of staying ahead on the road, even when loaded with passengers or cargo. Additionally, the bike’s mileage is superb; with a fuel efficiency rate that averages around 60 km/l, this makes for a great commuter vehicle. This combination of power and efficiency means owners can enjoy their daily drives with confidence knowing that they won’t be spending too much on fuel costs but will still have plenty of performance under their control when needed. With its competitive pricing to boot, this is one motorcycle that continues to provide unbeatable value for money in its class.

Bajaj Platina 110

Bajaj Platina 110 fuel economy

Bajaj Platina 110 Fuel economy is an important factor to consider when purchasing a Bajaj Platina 110. This model comes with a single-cylinder, air-cooled engine that delivers 8.6 bhp power at 7500 rpm and 9.81 Nm torque at 5500 rpm. On the fuel efficiency side, this bike can deliver up to 95 kmpl under optimal conditions – a great performance for commuters who want to save money on fuel costs!

Bajaj Platina 110 bike also features special Eco Mode technology that further boosts its fuel economy capabilities; when activated, the engine automatically adjusts itself to run more efficiently, allowing riders to enjoy longer rides without worrying about excessive fuel consumption. In addition, new Platina 110 gives you an impressive mileage of 65 kmpl in city traffic and 77 kmpl on highways – making it one of the best options for those looking for excellent value for their money.

Bajaj Platina 110 Price & Availability:

The Bajaj Platina 110 price is an affordable, widely available option for those who are looking for a reliable and easy-to-use motorcycle. The bike has a price tag of Rs.54,000 (ex-showroom Delhi), making it an accessible choice even for those with a limited budget. It is also available across many authorized dealers in India as well as online stores, so customers can have their pick of the best options nearby or order the bike right to their doorstep.

In terms of availability, apart from brick-and-mortar stores and Commerce platforms, customers can also buy new Bajaj at various loan outlets that provide financing solutions with flexible repayment plans. This makes it easy to own this motorcycle without having to worry about large upfront payments.

Bajaj Platina 110 price in Pakistan Rs 65920
Bajaj Platina 110 price in Philippines PHP 43680
Bajaj Platina 110 price in India RS. 67,540


The Bajaj Platina 110 for sale is an ideal everyday commuter bike for riders who are looking for a reliable and affordable ride. Thanks to its fuel-efficient engine, the Platina 110 can provide riders with a smooth, economical ride that won’t break the bank. It also boasts several helpful features such as an electric start, telescopic suspension and alloy wheels. In addition, it has a modern design that looks good on any road.

Overall, the new Platina 110 is a great choice for those looking for an affordable yet reliable commuter bike. Its low cost and fuel efficiency make it perfect for long trips or short commutes alike. Its modern styling and feature-rich package provide riders with plenty of comfort and convenience on their daily rides.

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