2024 Hero Glamour Xtec Engine, & Design

2024 Hero Glamour Xtec

New Model Hero Glamour Xtec is the newest and most technologically advanced bike from Hero Motocorp. With an innovative design, cutting-edge features and superior performance, this two-wheeler has been created to provide the best riding experience for riders of all levels.

The Hero Glamour Xtec comes equipped with a 125cc single cylinder air cooled engine that delivers maximum power output of 9bhp at 7000rpm and peak torque of 10.6Nm at 4000rpm. It also features a five-speed transmission system for smooth shifting between gears. The bike is equipped with standard telescopic front suspension as well as a twin shock absorber rear suspension system to ensure improved ride quality in any terrain or weather conditions. For added convenience, it also includes an electric starter along with kick start option for emergency use.

Hero Glamour Xtec Motorbike Design:

The Hero Glamour Xtec mileage is a powerful and stylish motorbike that will turn heads wherever you go. Featuring modern aesthetics and striking design elements, the Hero Glamour Xtec stands out from other motorbikes in its class. Boasting superior performance capabilities, this motorbike is perfect for riders who prefer a blend of power and style.

The Hero Glamour Xtec features an advanced engine with a state-of-the-art suspension system for unparalleled suppleness on the roads. Its ergonomic design ensures an enjoyable riding experience even after hours of riding. The bike also provides superior fuel efficiency with its 125cc air cooled engine giving riders more bang for their buck. With its sleek body profile, eye catching graphics, chrome inserts and compact size, this bike certainly looks the part too!

Hero Glamour Xtec 2323

Hero Glamour Xtec Features:

The Hero Glamour Xtec launch date is the latest in two-wheeler technology, offering superior performance and cutting-edge features for riders. With a stylish design and advanced features, this bike sets the standard for modern motorbikes. The Glamour Xtec packs a powerful 125cc air-cooled engine that delivers 11 bhp peak power at 7500rpm and 10.6 Nm torque at 6000rpm, giving it great performance on any terrain. Beyond that, it comes with a long list of features to make riding even easier and more enjoyable.

The New Glamour Xtec has an all-new digital speedometer display with an integrated information console providing important feedback like real time fuel efficiency. It also comes with an anti-theft alarm system to keep your bike secure while you’re away from it.

Hero Glamour Xtec Comfort & Safety:

As the world of two wheelers evolves, Hero Glamour Xtec images Motor corp has brought in a new generation bike – Hero Glamour Xtec. This bike combines the best of comfort and safety features to provide riders with an enhanced riding experience.

New Hero engine developed for this bike is powered by advanced programming technology which ensures superior performance with smooth acceleration. The ECO technology reduces fuel consumption, providing riders with a cost-effective ride even over long distances. Moreover, its low maintenance aspect makes it an ideal option for everyday commuting.

New Glamour Xtec ergonomically designed body provides superior comfort for the rider along with safe handling on all surfaces thanks to its suspension system which absorbs shocks and vibrations while riding over bumpy roads.

Hero Glamour Xtec 2421

Hero Glamour Xtec Mileage:

Good mileage is an important factor for bikers looking to invest in a new motorcycle. The Hero Glamour Xtec, mileage with its 125 cc engine, has become one of the top contenders in this segment due to its impressive fuel efficiency.

The bike offers a maximum power output of 11 bhp at 7500 rpm and a peak torque of 11 Nm at 6500 rpm. It also features i3S (idle stop-start technology) which helps in improving the overall fuel efficiency of the vehicle. This is a great feature and can be extremely useful for those who cover long distances on their bikes. Additionally, this bike also comes equipped with telescopic front suspension which adds to its comfortable riding experience while giving you better control over your ride.

Hero Glamour Xtec Price Range:

Hero Glamour Xtec price is an economical choice that offers great value for money. It is a bike packed with features and comfort, making it ideal for daily use. The most attractive part of this bike is the price range, which starts at just Rs 59,500 (ex-showroom, Delhi).

This bike comes with a 124.7cc air-cooled single cylinder engine producing 11bhp of power and 11Nm of torque coupled to a four-speed gearbox. It has telescope front forks and twin rear shock absorbers which provide good ride quality even on rough roads. The Hero Glamour Xtec also gets Combi Braking System (CBS) technology to enhance safety while riding. This system helps to balance the braking force between front and rear wheel for better control over the vehicle during emergency braking situations.

Hero Glamour Xtec price in Philippines Rs. 86,568
Hero Glamour Xtec price in Pakistan PKR 170000
Hero Glamour Xtec price in India Rs. 90,518

Hero Glamour Xtec


The Hero Glamour Xtec for sale has proven itself to be one of the best bikes on the market. With its reliable performance, great fuel economy and stylish design, it’s no wonder why this bike is so popular among riders. It has everything you could want in a bike, from a comfortable ride to good handling abilities and plenty of power.

New Hero stands out from the competition with its superior build quality and craftsmanship. Its sleek frame and strong engine make it an ideal choice for any rider looking for a bike that can take them anywhere they need to go. The combination of style, performance and affordability make this one of the best deals out there when it comes to motorcycles.


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