2024 Hero Maestro Edge 110 Engine, & Features

2024 Hero Maestro Edge 110

New Model Hero Maestro Edge 110 is a scooter designed for the urban commuter. Combining style and practicality, this two-wheeled vehicle is a great choice for those who need to get from point A to point B quickly. The Maestro Edge features a 110cc engine that is both fuel-efficient and powerful, allowing riders to zip through city streets with ease.

This scooter features an aerodynamic design that reduces drag and increases stability on the road. It’s equipped with alloy wheels for improved traction in wet conditions and has a comfortable seating capacity of two adults. Other noteworthy features include front disc brakes, LED headlights, digital analog combo meter console, integrated braking system (IBS) and external fuel filler cap for added convenience. With its sleek profile and modern amenities, the Maestro Edge 110 is sure to turn heads while providing a safe and reliable ride.

Hero Maestro Edge 110 Design:

Design is a major factor when it comes to choosing a vehicle. New Hero Maestro Edge 110 has upped the ante with its striking looks, making it an attractive buy in the scooter segment. With its signature LED headlamp, signature LED tail light and sleek bodywork, the Maestro Edge 110 presents an eye-catching appeal. The scooter also features dual-tone decals that create further visual excitement and make it stand out from other two-wheelers on the road.

The Maestro Edge 110 is designed with convenience in mind, equipped with an external fuel filler cap for easy refuelling and a mobile charging socket for powering gadgets while on the go. It also comes with several storage areas like front glove box and under-seat storage which provide ample space to store items securely while you ride.

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Hero Maestro Edge 110 Performance:

Hero Maestro Edge 110 mileage is poised to redefine the performance of small engine vehicles. The powerful engine of the all new Hero Maestro Edge 110 has been designed to provide an enhanced driving experience with higher torque and a smoother acceleration. The powerful 1.8-liter, 4-stroke petrol engine offers greater power than its predecessors, allowing it to reach top speeds of up to 95 km/h, while producing only low levels of emissions and providing an efficient fuel economy.

The performance offered by the powerful engine also enables riders to conquer long journeys with ease, thanks to its four valves that give better combustion efficiency and reduce vibration. This enhances rider comfort as well as delivers a smooth ride over rough terrain. Additionally, the low body weight ensures that handling and agility are maintained even at high speeds which adds an extra element of safety on highways or winding roads.

Hero Maestro Edge 110 Safety Features:

With the Hero Maestro Edge 110 seat height, drivers can feel secure knowing that the latest safety features are built into the design. This vehicle is equipped with a side-stand indication system, which will alert riders if they forget to put down the stand before riding. It also features a unique i3S technology (idle start-stop system) that automatically shuts down when idle for more than 5 seconds, and then restarts when the accelerator is pressed again. Additionally, this scooter comes with an anti-theft alarm system and pass switch ignition to protect against unwanted thieves.

The Hero Maestro Edge 110 is designed with both practicality and safety in mind. A special LED headlight and tail lamp offer improved visibility on evening rides while optional tubeless tyres reduce the risk of flat tyres due to punctures.

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Hero Maestro Edge 110 Comfort & Convenience:

For those looking for a perfect balance between comfort and convenience, new Hero Maestro Edge 110 is an ideal choice. The scooter offers a smooth ride with its advanced features like Integrated Braking System (IBS) and Programmed Fuel Injection (PGFI). It also offers outstanding performance with its powerful 110cc engine, which has the capability to deliver 8.4bhp at 8,000rpm. The Maestro Edge has a stylish design that comes with several other features such as LED headlamps, low fuel indicator, side stand indicator and integrated luggage hook.

New Maestro Edge 110ergonomic design of the scooter ensures complete comfort while riding it; it provides riders with comfortable seating space and ample legroom so they can take longer rides without any discomfort.

Hero Maestro Edge 110 Technology:

Hero Maestro Edge 110 review Technology is ever-evolving, as more and more companies strive to bring the latest and most innovative features to their products. New Hero Motor Corp has recently unveiled its newest scooter model, the Hero Maestro Edge 110. The scooter features a host of modern technological advances that make it stand out from other models on the market.

New Maestro Edge 110 offers a 125cc single-cylinder engine with 12.7 Bhp power and 10.4 Nm torque for improved performance and efficiency over competing models in its class. It also comes with a fuel injection system for better combustion control and an air cooling system that ensures consistent engine temperatures during high load conditions or long distances traveled.

Hero Maestro Edge 110

Hero Maestro Edge 110 Pricing:

The Hero Maestro Edge 110 price is a great option for those looking for an affordable scooter. With its sleek, modern design and powerful 110 cc engine, it stands out from the crowd. Its fuel-efficient engine gives you a mileage of around 65 kmpl and its advanced features make it worth every penny.

New Hero It comes with several unique features such as an integrated digital console to provide real-time information, a side stand indicator, mobile charging port, service reminder system and more. It also has telescopic suspension in the front to ensure a smooth ride even on bumpy roads. Moreover, it has a spacious footboard with plenty of legroom to give you comfortable rides all day long.


The Hero Maestro Edge 110 for sale is a two-wheeler scooter that has been designed for the modern user. It offers great performance, high fuel efficiency and excellent value for money. The bike’s advanced features such as i3S technology, LED headlamp and digital analog meter make it an attractive option for city commuters. All these features make it worth investing in.

The Hero Maestro Edge 110 is an all-round performer with superior build quality and safety features like combi braking system (CBS). Its efficient engine provides good power while consuming less fuel, making it an economical choice. The robust bodywork is complemented by stylish graphics which add to its appeal. With a wide range of color options available, you can choose the one that best suits your style.


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