2024 Hero Splendor Plus Features, & Price

2024 Hero Splendor Plus

New Model Hero Splendor Plus is a motorcycle manufactured by Hero MotoCorp, the world’s largest two-wheeler manufacturer. It is a commuter bike that has been around since 1994 and is known for its reliability, durability, and affordability. New Splendor Plus is powered by a 97.2cc air cooled single cylinder engine that produces 8.2 bhp of power at 8000 rpm and 8.05 Nm of torque at 5000 rpm. The bike comes with an average fuel efficiency of 82 km/l making it one of the most fuel-efficient bikes in its segment.

It has an upright seating position paired with comfortable suspension setup which allows it to tackle bad roads without any problem while also providing good ride quality on highways. The bike features 80/100 tyres on both wheels along with drum brakes on the front and rear wheel for efficient braking performance.

Hero Splendor Plus Overview Key Features

The Hero Splendor Plus xtec is an affordable commuter bike manufactured by Hero Moto Corp in India. It is a reliable and affordable option for daily commuters, providing riders with quality performance and reliability. This article will provide an overview of the key features that make the Splendor Plus a popular option.

For starters, the New Splendor Plus is powered by a 97.2 cc air-cooled engine which produces 8.02 bhp of power and 8.05 Nm of torque at 5500 rpm respectively. This allows riders to easily maneuver through traffic without feeling overwhelmed or overworked while on their commute. The bike also has an impressive fuel efficiency rating of 74 km/l, making it an economical choice for daily commuters who need to save money on petrol costs while still getting to their destination quickly and safely

Hero Splendor Plus 2022

Hero Splendor Plus Design & Style

Hero Splendor Plus images is the perfect combination of design and style. The motorcycle is designed to make a statement; its bold, modern look stands out from other bikes in the same category. It has an aerodynamic body with dynamic lines and a streamlined side profile that give it a stylish look.

The Hero Splendor Plus has been designed to provide maximum comfort while riding, thanks to its ergonomic handlebar and superior suspension system. Additionally, the bike comes with dual-tone color options that make it visually appealing and attractive. The seat offers enough cushioning for long rides, while the large fuel tank ensures you don’t have to stop for refueling too often.

The Hero Splendor Plus also features an advanced digital console which displays all necessary information such as speedometer, odometer, etc., in an easy-to-read format.

Hero Splendor Plus Performance & Efficiency

At the core of its design, the Hero Splendor Plus engine is all about performance and efficiency. This bike boasts a powerful engine that delivers 8.2 kW (11 PS) @ 7500 rpm, allowing riders to enjoy a smooth and comfortable ride even at higher speeds. It also has an advanced fuel-injection system that ensures maximum power output while minimizing emissions and ensuring better fuel economy. The bike has been designed with aerodynamic styling to reduce air drag and improve wind-resistance for improved riding experience. This makes it highly efficient in terms of performance as well as fuel consumption.

New Hero is equipped with a number of features aimed at improving both its efficiency and performance.

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Hero Splendor Plus Accessory Options

The Hero Splendor Plus black colour offers an array of accessory options for riders looking to personalize and improve their riding experience. Riders can choose from a number of different accessories, such as saddle bags, windscreens, and protective headlamps. Saddlebags are a great way to add extra storage space when travelling long distances. Windscreens can be added to reduce wind resistance and keep riders warm in colder temperatures. Furthermore, the bike comes with a range of colourful graphics which can be applied to the body panels for a more customized look. Finally, riders can also choose from various stylish headlamp covers that protect the lamp while adding an attractive aesthetic touch to the overall design.

Overall, the New Hero is an ideal motorcycle choice for riders who want comfort and convenience as well as excellent accessory options.

Hero Splendor Plus Safety & Comfort

The Hero Splendor Plus fuel economy is a reliable and dependable bike that prioritizes safety and comfort for its riders. The bike has an integrated braking system (IBS) to ensure the rider can quickly stop the vehicle in case of emergency. It also has a front disc brake for optimal control when slowing down or coming to a stop. Additionally, the wide, comfortable seat ensures riders can enjoy long journeys without fatigue or discomfort.

The Hero Splendor Plus is equipped with an advanced suspension system to absorb shocks from uneven roads, ensuring a smoother ride for the rider. The foot pegs are placed at ergonomic positions so that riders do not experience any strain while riding and their feet remain firmly planted on the pedals. The headlamp provides illumination in dark settings at night, making sure that cyclists have maximum visibility while they are out on the road.

Hero Splendor Plus

Hero Splendor Plus Pros & Cons

The Hero Splendor Plus mileage is a popular motorcycle in India known for its fuel efficiency and affordability. While this bike may be appealing to many, it’s important to consider the pros and cons before making a purchase decision.

One key advantage of owning this bike is the cost. The Splendor Plus is highly affordable, making it an ideal choice for those on an even tighter budget who still want reliable transportation. Additionally, fuel efficiency is another bonus — owners can easily get more than 60 km/l with only one liter of petrol. This makes it great for daily commuting as well as long distance trips without having to worry about frequent fill-ups or running out of gas too soon.

However, there are some drawbacks that need to be taken into account when considering the Splendor Plus as well.

Hero Splendor Plus User Reviews

User reviews for the Hero Splendor Plus reviews have been overwhelmingly positive. Owners have praised its reliability and affordability, both of which are key factors when choosing a motorcycle. Its solid construction and efficient power delivery make it a great choice for daily commuting as well as leisure rides.

In addition to its excellent performance, many owners also appreciate the modern design of the bike. With sleek lines and an attractive finish, this bike is sure to turn heads while on the road. It has plenty of storage space under the seat and in front of the handlebars, making it ideal for carrying groceries or other items on long rides.

The Splendor plus has won numerous awards over the years due to its popularity among riders worldwide.

Hero Splendor Plus price

The Hero Splendor Plus price is a reliable, robust two-wheeler that’s easy on the pocket. With a price tag of just INR 51,000 (ex-showroom), this bike offers tremendous value for money. Its affordable price range makes it an appealing choice for families and working professionals alike. The Splendor Plus also offers many features and services that you would expect from a more expensive model, such as electric start, alloy wheels, tubeless tires and a digital meter console with service reminder indicators. Additionally, its powerful 100cc engine delivers impressive mileage of up to 80 km/l – making it even more cost-effective to own and maintain in the long run. All these features make it an attractive choice among commuters looking for an economical yet reliable ride.

Hero Splendor Plus price in Philippines PHP 40800
Hero Splendor Plus price in Pakistan PKR 142,800
Hero Splendor Plus price in India Rs. 72,076


The Hero Splendor Plus for sale is an ideal choice for a commuter bike. It offers great performance, looks and design that make it one of the most desirable bikes in its class. The fuel efficiency is outstanding, making it a cost effective option for everyday use. Its low maintenance makes it even more attractive if you are looking for an economical ride.

Overall, the Hero Splendor Plus is highly recommended as a great choice for commuters who have limited budgets but still want good performance from their bike. It has all the features and specs to get you where you need to go conveniently and reliably while saving on fuel costs in the process. With its stylish design, comfortable ride quality and impressive overall value, there’s no question that this bike deserves to be at the top of your list when shopping around for a new commuter vehicle.

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