2024 Honda Activa 125 Features, & Price

2024 Honda Activa 125

New Model Honda Activa 125 is a scooter designed for everyday use. The scooter has a modern design and features great performance capabilities, making it an ideal choice for riders who are looking to get around quickly and efficiently. It is powered by a 124.9cc single-cylinder engine that produces 8.6bhp at 6,500rpm and 10.12Nm of torque at 5,000rpm mated to a CVT transmission with an optional Honda Eco Technology (HET). This allows the rider to achieve higher fuel efficiency while still delivering a smooth riding experience.

New Activa 125 comes with telescopic front forks and spring-loaded hydraulic suspensions at the rear, providing excellent ride quality while allowing you to navigate through city streets in comfort.

Honda Activa 125 Styling

The Honda Activa 125 mileage has been a leader in the motor scooter industry since its debut in 2001. With its unique styling and reliable performance, this motor scooter is a favorite among riders of all ages. It’s no surprise that the Activa 125 continues to be one of the top models on the market today.

The modern design of this vehicle features a sporty shape and comfortable seating, making it an attractive choice for commuters who want to look good while getting from point A to B. The exterior styling is also enhanced by sleek lines and chrome accents which give it an unmistakable presence on city streets. Meanwhile, LED headlights lend a touch of sophistication and provide superior visibility during night rides. Additionally, there are several custom accessories available to further enhance its stylish appearance such as chrome handles, body decals, and colorful seat covers.

Honda Activa 125 2021

Honda Activa 125 Performance

Performance is a major consideration when purchasing any vehicle, and new Honda Activa 125 has plenty of it. Thanks to its 124.9 cc engine, this scooter can go up to 8.6 kW (11.79 ps) maximum power at 7500 rpm with 10 Nm (0.90 kgf-m) of torque at 5500 rpm. The Activa 125 also comes with an ACG starter motor system that helps reduce friction and fuel consumption while providing smoother starts and acceleration, making commuting in the city a breeze.

It’s no surprise that this scooter offers excellent performance in terms of speed, agility, and efficiency as well—the New Activa 125 accelerates from 0 to 60 km/h in just 9 seconds for a top speed of 85 km/h on flat terrain roads .

Honda Activa 125 Features

The Honda Activa 125 fuel economy is a powerful scooter that offers plenty of features to riders. This model comes with a reliable engine, providing smooth and consistent power while getting you where you need to go quickly. It also has an advanced digital instrument panel, which displays various information directly in front of the rider.

Another great feature of the Honda Activa 125 is its telescopic suspension system. This unique setup allows users to adjust the ride height according to their needs, resulting in a more comfortable journey no matter what terrain they’re travelling on. Additionally, it also comes with an integrated headlight that provides good illumination on night rides as well as an electric starter for quick getaways. All these features make this scooter a great choice for those who want speed and comfort at the same time.

Honda Activa 125 2022

Honda Activa 125 Pricing

Pricing is one of the most important factors when it comes to purchasing a new vehicle, especially for a scooter like the Honda Activa 125. The Honda Activa 125 is an iconic scooter, featuring advanced design and impressive fuel economy. It is also known for its durability and reliability. Consumers can expect to pay Honda  Activa 125 from ₹ 73,733 – ₹ 79,722 for this model depending on features and upgrades desired.

The Honda Activa 125 has many unique qualities that make it stand out among other scooters in its class. It offers comfortable seating, with increased legroom and improved suspension system than its predecessor. Its engine provides strong performance while delivering excellent mileage with an incredible fuel efficiency of 64 kmpl.

Honda Activa 125 price in India Rs. 78,398
Honda Activa 125 price in Pakistan PKR 324700
Honda Activa 125 price in Philippines Rs. 56,045

Honda Activa 125 Alternatives

The Honda Activa 125 colours is one of the most popular scooters in India. It has a reliable engine, great fuel efficiency, and a stylish design that makes it stand out from the competition. But if you’re looking for something other than the Activa 125, there are plenty of quality alternatives on the market.

One option is the TVS Jupiter, which offers an all-metal body, superior ride quality and an impressive mileage range. The Hero Maestro Edge is also worth considering; it has a sleek design and modern features such as an LED headlamp and digital speedometer. Other alternatives include the Yamaha Fascino and Bajaj Platina 110cc — both of which offer good value for money without compromising on performance or features. All these scooters come with sturdy frames that make them ideal for Indian roads and conditions.

Honda Activa 125


When it comes to the Honda Activa 125, for sale there is no doubt that this scooter is one of the most popular and practical choices on the market. Not only does it boast a reliable engine and modern design, but its price tag makes it an attractive option for riders of all budgets. The overall performance of this model has been consistently satisfying, with riders praising its smooth ride quality and excellent fuel economy.

For those looking for a well-rounded scooter that can handle everyday use without breaking the bank, then look no further than the Honda Activa 125. Its combination of style, efficiency and affordability make it a great choice for anyone who needs an efficient mode of transportation. Plus, with numerous customization options available from various retailers, riders are able to tailor their rides to suit their specific needs.


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