2024 Honda Africa Twin Price, & Engine

2024 Honda Africa Twin

New Model Honda’s Africa Twin is a dual-sport motorcycle designed for long-distance touring and adventure riding. It was originally released in 1988, but the latest generation was unveiled in 2016 with several major improvements. The bike features an 893 cc parallel-twin engine that delivers 95 hp, a 6-speed transmission, and dual overhead camshafts. Its robust frame is equipped with a 21”/18” wheel combination, allowing riders to easily tackle various terrain types while still providing exceptional stability. Additionally, Honda has included electronic rider aids such as traction control and ABS to make the bike even more user friendly. When it comes to comfort, the Africa Twin includes adjustable ergonomics with heated grips and three riding modes: Touring mode; which offers smoother power delivery; Gravel mode; allowing for better off-road performance; and User mode; allowing riders to customize their experience based on their own needs. Finally, Honda has included additional features such as knobby tires for maximum grip on dirt roads and a large 5 gallon fuel tank for extended range capabilities—making this machine perfect for long journeys across any terrain imaginable.

Honda Africa Twin History: Origins & Evolution

Honda Africa Twin mileage was first created in 1988 as an off-road adventure bike designed to tackle some of the toughest terrain. Honda Africa Twin price released as the XRV650, it had a 647cc V-Twin engine with a single cylinder head and four valves per cylinder. Honda Africa Twin gave the Africa Twin excellent power delivery with strong torque at low revs, allowing for easy control when riding in challenging conditions. Over time, Honda has refined the design of the Africa Twin, introducing larger engines and more advanced suspension systems to increase its performance over rough terrain. In 2016, they released an all-new version of the Africa Twin that featured modified bodywork and a 998cc parallel twin engine with increased power output and improved fuel economy compared to earlier models. The latest model also features a number of electronic rider aids such as traction control, anti-lock braking system (ABS), cruise control, and adjustable settings that allow riders to customize their ride according to their needs or desired level of comfort.

Honda Africa Twin

Honda Africa Twin price in India Rs. 16,01,500

Honda Africa Twin Design & Performance:

When it comes to the Honda Africa Twin design and performance specs, this bike does not disappoint. The New Honda is powered by a 998cc parallel-twin engine that produces 94 horsepower and 72 pound-feet of torque. It has two ride modes – Tour and Urban – that allow riders to optimize their performance based on the type of riding they are doing. Additionally, this model includes an electronic suspension system with preload adjustability for greater control over comfort levels. Thanks to its light weight (just 502 pounds) and wide handlebar, the Africa Twin offers excellent agility in all types of terrain. Finally, it features a 6-speed transmission with an assist/slipper clutch for smooth shifting during acceleration or deceleration. All these specs make the Honda Africa Twin an incredibly powerful machine with superb handling capabilities in any road condition.

Honda Africa Twin Adventure Experiences:

Honda Africa Twin price in Philippines P940,000.00

Riding the Honda Africa Twin seat height on an AT adventure is a unique experience. This dual-sport motorcycle was designed for off-road use, yet its sophisticated engine and lightweight frame make it ideal for long distance travel. New Honda combination of power, agility and reliability make it an ideal touring machine. With its electronic fuel injection system and 6 speed transmission, the AT provides smooth acceleration in challenging terrain while delivering excellent fuel economy. The bike’s light weight makes it easy to maneuver across rugged terrain or over deep sand, while its robust suspension ensures a comfortable ride even on rough roads. Additionally, the handlebar risers provide additional comfort by reducing vibration during long rides. For weekend excursions or month-long trips, the Honda Africa Twin offers riders uncompromising performance at every turn and an unforgettable riding experience.

Honda Africa Twin 20222

Honda Africa Twin Accessories:

Enhancing your Honda Africa Twin top speed handling and look can be done with a few simple upgrades. One of the most important upgrades you can make to your bike is replacing the stock handlebars with wider, more comfortable ones. New Honda should also install a skid plate to protect your bike from rocks and other debris when off-roading. Additionally, you want to add a windshield to reduce wind resistance and improve comfort during long rides. Adding some engine guards will help prevent damage in case of an accident or tip-over. Finally, updating the suspension will take your ride’s performance up a notch while enhancing safety by increasing stability on turns and bumps. With these accessories, not only will you have better control over your motorcycle, but it’ll also look much better with its custom touches!

Honda Africa Twin Affordability:

The Honda Africa Twin specification is an affordable dual-sport motorcycle with a competitive price tag. Cost and value are important factors when considering a purchase like this, so let’s take a closer look at what you’re getting for your money. The new Africa Twin is packed with features like advanced electronics, powerful engine, and lightweight frame that make it an excellent choice for long rides in off-road terrain. Its affordability is also due to its durable construction that ensures it can withstand rugged conditions and still perform at the highest level. Moreover, it comes with several accessories such as saddlebags and crash bars that add to the overall value of the bike. Finally, its reasonable cost means you won’t have to break the bank in order to ride this adventurous machine around town or on your next trail expedition. All these factors come together to provide riders with great value for their money when they choose the Honda Africa Twin as their two-wheeled companion.

Honda Africa Twin 2024

Honda Africa Twin price in Pakistan PKR 2,928,000


The Honda Africa Twin for sale is the perfect ride for just about any adventure. Its powerful engine and lightweight frame make it an ideal choice for long-distance touring, while its off-road capabilities give it the versatility to handle a variety of terrains. Its range of features ensures that riders can customize their experience to suit their individual needs. Whether you’re riding through city streets or hitting the trails, you can be sure that new Africa Twin will keep you safe and comfortable while providing a thrilling ride every time. In conclusion, with its impressive performance capabilities, endless customization options, and reliable safety features, the Honda Africa Twin is one of the most versatile rides on the market today.


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