2024 Honda CB300R Price And Mileage

Introduce the Honda CB300R motorcycle

The Honda CB300R is a stylish entry-level motorcycle that offers excellent performance and handling. Its 286cc liquid-cooled, single-cylinder engine delivers 30 horsepower and 20 lb-ft of torque, making it ideal for city commuting and weekend rides. The bike also features a six-speed transmission with a light clutch feel, providing smooth gear changes.

One of the standout features of the Honda CB300R is its minimalist design, with a sharp headlight and sculpted fuel tank giving it an aggressive look. It also comes equipped with premium components such as inverted front forks, radial-mount brake calipers, and a slipper clutch system. Riders can choose from four striking color options: Matte Gray Metallic, Chromosphere Red Metallic, Candy Chromosphere Red, and Pearl Blue.

In terms of mileage, the Honda CB300R for sale has an estimated fuel efficiency of around 71 miles per gallon (MPG), making it an economical choice for everyday use. With its affordable price point starting at $4,949 MSRP*, this motorcycle is an attractive option for riders looking for a reliable and stylish ride without breaking the bank.

honda cb300r 2024


The Honda CB300R Price is a popular bike model that is designed for riders who want a combination of performance and style. The bike comes with a price tag of approximately $4,649, making it one of the more affordable options in its class. Despite its low price point, the Honda CB300R delivers impressive specs and features that make it stand out from other bikes in its category.

One major factor that contributes to the affordability of this bike is its fuel efficiency. With an estimated mileage rating of 71 mpg, the Honda CB300R offers excellent fuel economy without sacrificing power or speed. This makes it an ideal choice for riders who are looking for a cost-effective way to get around town or go on longer road trips.

Overall, the Honda CB300R Top speed is an excellent choice for anyone who wants a stylish and reliable bike at an affordable price point. With its impressive specs and features, this bike offers great value for money and is sure to provide many years of enjoyable riding experiences for bikers everywhere.


The Honda CB300R is a stylish and fuel-efficient bike that offers an impressive mileage of 30 kmpl. This motorcycle has a fuel tank capacity of 10 liters, which provides a good range for commuting around the city. The bike is equipped with a single-cylinder, liquid-cooled engine that produces 30 bhp of power and 27 Nm of torque.

In terms of performance, the Honda CB300R delivers excellent power delivery in the mid-range and higher revs. The six-speed gearbox makes it easy to shift gears smoothly, making it ideal for daily use. Moreover, the CBS (Combi Brake System) helps in providing better stability while braking.

Overall, the 2023 Honda CB300R is an ideal bike for those who are looking for style, performance and fuel efficiency all at once. With its impressive mileage and range capabilities, this motorcycle can be your perfect companion on long-distance rides as well as daily commutes in heavy traffic conditions.

honda cb300r


The Honda CB300R is a stylish bike that boasts an avant-garde design that stands out from the crowd. This motorcycle has an aggressive look with sharp lines and a muscular fuel tank. The bike has been designed keeping in mind both the rider’s comfort and style, and it features a low-slung seat that complements the cafe racer-inspired tail section.

To truly appreciate this bike’s beauty, one must take a closer look at its intricate details. The front of the bike features LED headlamps and indicators for better visibility on the road. Meanwhile, at the back, you’ll find LED taillights encased in a sleek, modern housing.

From every angle, this motorcycle exudes elegance and sophistication. Whether you’re admiring it from the side or checking out its rear profile, this bike is sure to leave an impression on anyone who lays eyes on it. It’s no wonder that Honda made sure to showcase all angles of the CB300R through various images to highlight its aesthetic appeal.


The Honda CB300R is a popular street bike with an attractive design and powerful performance. It comes in three stunning colours, including Matte Axis Gray Metallic, Candy Chromosphere Red, and Matte Blue Metallic. The Matte Axis Gray Metallic gives the bike a sophisticated look with its grey tone and metallic finish. On the other hand, the Candy Chromosphere Red provides a bold statement with its bright red colour that’s sure to turn heads on the road. Lastly, the Matte Blue Metallic option adds a touch of elegance to this already stylish bike.

All three colours complement the sleek and modern design of this motorcycle perfectly. The matte finishes on both grey and blue give it a subdued yet contemporary look while the accentuated red demands attention from miles away. Ultimately, choosing between these gorgeous shades depends on your personal preferences as each one offers its unique style that caters to different tastes.

In conclusion, if you’re looking for an impressive street motorcycle that not only performs well but also looks fantastic on the road then Honda CB300R has got you covered with their stunning colour options like Matte Axis Gray Metallic, Candy Chromosphere Red or Matte Blue Metallic.


In conclusion, the Honda CB300R is an excellent bike for those looking for a reliable, stylish and affordable option. Its price range is quite reasonable compared to many other bikes in the market today, making it accessible to a wider audience. Moreover, its fuel efficiency is impressive with an average of 30-35 kmpl which makes it easy on the pocket.

The design and build quality of this bike are top-notch and have been well received by riders all over. The available colours give it a unique look that stands out from other motorcycles in its category. Additionally, its power-packed performance coupled with advanced features make it an ideal choice for both city riding as well as long distance rides.

Overall, the Honda CB300R offers a great combination of style, performance and value for money. It’s definitely worth considering if you’re in the market for a new motorcycle that’s both reliable and fun to ride.

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