2024 Honda Shine Price And Mileage

Introducing the Honda Shine

The Honda Shine is a motorcycle model manufactured by the Japanese multinational company Honda. This bike has been designed to provide exceptional performance and fuel efficiency, making it a popular choice for riders in India. The bike’s 125cc engine delivers a power output of 10.5 bhp and torque of 11 Nm, providing a smooth riding experience.

The bike features an elegant design with sharp lines and stylish graphics that gives it an attractive look. It comes equipped with a disc brake system at the front and drum brakes at the rear to ensure safe braking. Additionally, it has telescopic forks in the front suspension and spring-loaded hydraulic suspension at the rear, ensuring maximum comfort while riding.

2024 Honda Shine is also available in two variants – drum brake variant and disc brake variant – giving customers plenty of options to choose from based on their preferences. Overall, this bike is an excellent option for anyone looking for a reliable motorcycle that offers both performance and style at an affordable price point.

Honda Shine 2024

Design and Style:

The Honda Shine Top Speed is an exemplary motorcycle that embodies the perfect combination of design and style. The bike’s sleek and sporty appearance is complemented by its smooth curves, aerodynamic contours, and attractive color schemes. From the moment you lay eyes on it, you know it’s a Honda Shine.

One of the most striking features of the Honda Shine is its dynamic headlamp design. The bold and edgy headlight looks like a pair of piercing eyes glaring at you with confidence, making a statement about how powerful this machine truly is. Additionally, the instrument panel has been designed with utmost precision to provide an optimal viewing experience for riders.

When it comes to style, the Honda Shine knows how to make heads turn. The bike’s stylish graphics are not only aesthetically pleasing but also functional in terms of enhancing visibility on roads. Furthermore, the contoured body panels not only add to its unique look but also help improve aerodynamics for better fuel efficiency. Overall, if you’re looking for a motorcycle that exudes both design and style while providing excellent performance, then look no further than the Honda Shine!

Sleek and modern design

The Honda Shine Bs6 is a motorcycle that boasts a sleek and modern design, making it stand out in the crowd. Its body has been designed to be aerodynamic, not only enhancing its looks but also improving fuel efficiency. The sharp lines and curves on the body give it an aggressive yet stylish look.

One of the key features that add to its modern design is its LED headlight. This not only adds to the aesthetic appeal of the bike but also improves visibility while riding at night. The digital instrument cluster with a blue backlight gives it a futuristic touch and displays all necessary information such as speedometer, odometer, trip meter, fuel gauge and more.

Overall, the Honda Shine’s sleek and modern design makes it a popular choice among riders who want both style and performance. It’s perfect for those who want to make a statement while riding without compromising on functionality or fuel efficiency.

Honda Shine


The Honda Shine New Model is a popular motorcycle in India known for its performance and fuel efficiency. It boasts an impressive 125cc engine that delivers smooth acceleration and power on demand. The bike’s engine has been engineered to produce high torque at low RPMs, making it ideal for city riding where frequent gear changes are required.

In addition to its powerful engine, the Honda Shine also comes equipped with features that help improve its overall performance. For instance, the bike has a five-speed gearbox that allows riders to smoothly shift gears as they navigate through traffic. It also has a telescopic front suspension system and a spring-loaded hydraulic rear suspension system that provide excellent stability and control on all kinds of roads.

Despite being designed for optimal performance, the Honda Shine does not compromise on fuel efficiency. The bike is capable of delivering an impressive mileage of up to 65 km/liter under normal riding conditions, making it one of the most fuel-efficient motorcycles in its class. This combination of superior performance and fuel efficiency makes the Honda Shine an excellent choice for commuters who want a reliable and comfortable ride without having to break the bank on fuel costs.

Powerful engine and smooth ride

New Honda Shine is one of the most popular bikes in India for its powerful engine and smooth ride. It comes with a 125cc single-cylinder air-cooled engine that delivers a maximum power output of 10.74 bhp at 7,500 rpm and peak torque of 11 Nm at 6,000 rpm. The engine is mated to a five-speed manual transmission that offers smooth gear shifts and makes it easy to ride in city traffic.

The bike’s suspension system consists of telescopic forks at the front and dual shock absorbers at the rear, which offer excellent stability and comfort on all kinds of roads. The Honda Shine also features Combi-Brake System (CBS), which helps reduce braking distance by automatically applying both brakes when the rider presses only one brake lever.

Overall, the Honda Shine’s powerful engine and smooth ride make it an ideal daily commuter bike for riders who want an enjoyable riding experience without compromising on fuel efficiency or reliability. With its modern design, advanced features, and affordable price tag, it’s no surprise that this bike has become a favorite among Indian customers.


Honda Shine is a popular commuter motorcycle with an array of features to offer. One of the key features is its robust engine which delivers smooth and reliable power delivery. The bike comes equipped with a 124cc BS6-compliant engine that generates a peak power output of 10.74 bhp at 7500 rpm and peak torque of 11 Nm at 6000 rpm.

The Honda Shine also sports a modern design language that adds to its overall appeal. Its sharp lines, sleek headlamp unit, and sporty graphics make it stand out from other motorcycles in its segment. Additionally, the bike also gets an LED headlamp that illuminates the road ahead effectively during night rides.

Another noteworthy feature on the Honda Shine is its comfortable riding posture. The bike gets an upright seating position along with well-cushioned seats that provide ample comfort even on long rides. Furthermore, it also boasts of a fuel-efficient engine which makes it an ideal choice for daily commutes as well as weekend getaways.

Advanced features for comfort and safety

The Honda Shine is a popular commuter bike that offers a range of advanced features for comfort and safety. One such feature is the Combi-Brake System (CBS), which works by evenly distributing braking force to both wheels, ensuring maximum stability and control. This feature comes in handy during sudden braking situations, as it reduces the chances of skidding and helps you maintain balance on the road.

Another advanced feature that makes the Honda Shine stand out is its tubeless tyres. These tyres are designed to provide better grip on wet roads, reducing the chances of skidding and increasing safety. Additionally, they are more durable than conventional tyres, which means you can enjoy longer rides without worrying about punctures.

Finally, the Honda Shine also comes with an adjustable suspension system that allows you to customize your ride according to your preferences. Whether you prefer a soft or firm ride, this feature ensures maximum comfort while riding on bumpy roads or long distances. With all these advanced features combined, it’s easy to see why the Honda Shine is one of the most popular bikes in its class and a top choice for commuters who prioritize comfort and safety on their daily commutes.

Fuel Efficiency:

The Honda Shine is a popular and reliable motorcycle in India that boasts fuel efficiency as one of its key features. With an impressive mileage of up to 65 kmpl, it is no surprise that the Shine has gained a loyal following among those who are looking for an economical mode of transportation. The bike’s fuel-efficient engine is designed to deliver maximum power while using minimal fuel, making it an ideal choice for daily commuting.

One of the key factors that contribute to the Honda Shine’s fuel efficiency is its advanced technology. The bike comes equipped with Honda’s patented HET (Honda Eco Technology) engine, which uses intelligent ignition timing and reduced frictional losses to deliver optimal performance while conserving fuel. Additionally, the bike’s aerodynamic design reduces drag and improves airflow, resulting in better fuel economy.

In conclusion, if you’re looking for a motorcycle that offers excellent fuel efficiency without compromising on performance or style, then the Honda Shine should definitely be on your list. Its advanced technology and aerodynamic design make it one of the most efficient bikes on Indian roads today. Whether you’re commuting to work or taking a leisurely ride through the countryside, you can rest assured that your wallet won’t suffer thanks to this incredible machine’s outstanding mileage.

Impressive fuel efficiency for cost-effective rides

The Honda Shine is a popular motorcycle model known for its impressive fuel efficiency and cost-effectiveness. It boasts a 125cc engine that delivers an excellent mileage of up to 65 kmpl, making it an ideal choice for daily commutes or long-distance rides. With its smooth engine performance and comfortable riding experience, the Honda Shine has become a top pick for many riders who prioritize fuel economy.

One of the main factors contributing to the Honda Shine’s exceptional fuel efficiency is its advanced HET (Honda Eco Technology) engine. This technology optimizes combustion and reduces friction, resulting in improved fuel consumption and reduced emissions. Additionally, the bike features tubeless tires that reduce rolling resistance and enhance overall performance.

Overall, the Honda Shine offers an impressive combination of fuel efficiency and affordability compared to other models in its class. Its low-maintenance costs further add to its cost-effectiveness, making it an excellent investment for both novice and experienced riders seeking economical transportation with reliable performance.

Price and Availability:

The Honda Shine Price is one of the most popular motorcycles in India, thanks to its performance and fuel efficiency. However, price and availability are two crucial factors that can affect a customer’s buying decision. The good news is that the Honda Shine is priced competitively compared to other motorcycles in its segment. It comes with a starting price of Rs 72,900 (ex-showroom Delhi), which makes it an affordable option for those looking for a reliable bike.

In terms of availability, Honda has an extensive network of dealerships across India. Customers can easily find a dealership in their city or town and book their desired variant of Honda Shine without any hassle. Additionally, customers can also purchase the motorcycle online through various e-commerce platforms. This ensures easy access to the vehicle and saves time for customers who might not have easy access to a physical dealership location.

Overall, the Honda Shine’s competitive pricing and widespread availability make it an attractive option for anyone looking for a reliable motorcycle that offers value for money.

Affordable price tag with wide availability

Honda Shine Price in india is a popular motorcycle model in India that has gained a reputation for its fuel efficiency, reliability, and affordability. With a price tag of around Rs. 70,000, it is one of the most affordable bikes in its segment. The company has made this bike widely available across India through its extensive dealer network.

One of the reasons why Honda Shine has become so popular is because it offers great value for money. It comes equipped with features such as tubeless tyres, an electric starter, and a comfortable seat that make it perfect for daily commutes. In addition to this, the bike also boasts excellent mileage figures that help riders save money on fuel costs.

Thanks to Honda’s wide dealer network in India, buyers can find the Shine at almost any dealership across the country. This makes it easy for people living in remote areas to purchase this bike without having to travel long distances or pay extra transportation fees. Overall, Honda Shine offers an attractive package of affordability and availability that is hard to beat by other motorcycle models in India today.


In conclusion, the Honda Shine is an excellent choice for those looking for a reliable and efficient motorcycle. Its sleek design, fuel efficiency, and impressive performance make it stand out in the market. The bike’s 125cc engine provides a smooth ride that is perfect for commuting or long-distance travel.

One of the standout features of the Honda Shine is its mileage. With a fuel economy of up to 65 kmpl, this bike boasts one of the best mileage figures in its class. Additionally, its low maintenance cost makes it an affordable option for riders looking to save money on upkeep.

Overall, we highly recommend the Honda Shine to anyone in search of a dependable and practical motorcycle. Whether you’re using it as your daily commuter or taking it out on weekend trips with friends and family, this bike won’t disappoint. With its winning combination of style, comfort, and performance – all at an affordable price – it’s no wonder why so many riders choose the Honda Shine as their go-to vehicle on two wheels!

Why Honda Shine is a top choice

Honda Shine is one of the most popular and top-selling motorcycles in India. One of the reasons why it is a top choice for many riders is its fuel efficiency. The bike comes with an advanced technology engine, which makes it more fuel-efficient than other bikes in the market. This allows riders to save money on fuel costs and reduce their carbon footprint while enjoying a smooth ride.

Another reason why Honda Shine stands out among other motorcycles is its sleek design and durability. The bike features a sporty look that attracts young riders, making it ideal for city commuting or long rides on highways. Its durable build can withstand rough terrain and ensure safety during rides. Additionally, Honda Shine has low maintenance costs compared to other bikes in the market.

In conclusion, Honda Shine’s fuel efficiency, sleek design, durability, and low maintenance costs make it a top choice for many motorcycle enthusiasts in India. It offers not only an exceptional riding experience but also cost-effective transportation options without compromising style or safety features.

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