2024 Hummer H3 Design, Engine, And Price

Hummer H3 overview

In 2006, General Motors launched the 2024 Hummer H3 onto the roads, offering a midsize
SUV. It was presented as a 2006 model and was in production until 2010. It was a more close and cheap alternative to the larger Hummer H2, aiming to attract a wider audience
while still retaining the solid and off-road capabilities that the Hummer brand was known for.

Hummer H3 Design

H3 looks really bold and strong. It has a big front grill and wide fenders that make it stand out. These fenders are like the muscles of the car, showing that it’s ready to take on challenges. The car’s sides are tall, like it’s saying, “I’m important!”

hummer h3

Hummer H3 Engine

The Hummer H3 isn’t just a big car – it’s got a big heart too, called the engine. This engine is like the car’s muscles, giving it the power to zoom ahead. There are two types of engines: one with five cylinders that produce 220hp and another with eight that produce 242hp. Whether you’re driving on smooth roads or rocky paths, the Hummer H3 engine is like a superhero, ready to take you on exciting journeys!

Hummer H3 Price

Hummer H3 is available at the price of $40,000 to $50,000 and prices for a used HUMMER H3 currently range from $5,000 to $30,000, with vehicle mileage ranging from 15,220 to 281,709.

hummer h3 2024


As the sun sets on the journey of the Hummer H3 accessories, we’re reminded of its strong spirit and daring escapades. The Hummer H3 was like a trusty friend, ready to conquer both city streets and untamed trails. Its rugged design, powerful engine, and off-road abilities created memories that will last.

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