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2024 KIA Forte also famous as K3 in Korea, was manufactured in 2008 by KIA Motors in South Korea. It comes out with three generations and the last one is 3rd generation with 5 latest trim levels that were introduced in 2023. These are LX, LXS, GT Line, GT, and GT Manual. We are discussing the most demanding and the most expensive trim level Forte GT Manual. It is available in the most unique style with a luxurious and relaxant interior and a highly efficient engine that generates power of about 210hp. It gives an agile and stylish look to its Enthusiasts with the most appealing exterior. The exterior looks more beautiful because of its sleek bumper style and large forged Aluminum wheels. The front grill is divided into two portions, upper and lower portion and it gives a fantastic eye-catching view from its front side. The outstanding Rear end offers an unflinching design.

KIA Forte GT 2023

Exterior Design:

KIA Forte exterior is sleek and stylish in design. It has 4 doors and 5 sitting positions. It is furnished with all the illuminating agents like LED lights, fog lamps, Day running lamps, and rear headlights. Window defroster helps to visualize the path followed by the vehicle. To increase the ventilated area and make the inner environment airy, a sunroof is built in it. Heated mirrors are available to increase visibility. KIA Forte 2024 large forged Aluminum wheel of 18 inches enhances its beauty. The front grill is divided into two portions, upper and lower portion and it gives a fantastic eye-catching view from its front side. Its exterior looks more amazing by its sleek headlights.

Interior Design:

KIA Forte interior provides the most comfortable inside. All the inside decorations, structure, its composition, Instruments, well-spaced sitting area, console, and livability increase its worth. It provides a relaxant interior to accommodate a sitting area for five persons. It provides extra space for headroom and legroom. Cargo space is increased to put any type of suitcases or luggage there. It has overcome all the safety and convenient features that a rider needs. It is equipped with certain features like an adjustable steering wheel, navigation system, vanity mirror for each passenger’s seat, full air conditioning system, and keyless entry. The infotainment system has mp3 system just to entertain the passengers.

KIA Forte GT

Engine specifications.

The power and Performance system of KIA Forte GT line has a lead-free 1.6L engine incorporated with an intercooler that protects it from overheating. This highly efficient engine can generate 210hp and a torque of 195 Nm at the rate of 1500rpm. It has an integrated gearbox with a 6-speed manual transmission. Fuel economy says that it has 22mpg city mileage and 31mph highway mileage.


KIA Forte Used priority of an automobile manufacturer is to build safety equipment in it. The driver must have full attention on driving. To avoid any type of mishap, safety features help us to protect our lives. Some important Safety features of KIA are Airbags, immobilizers, Automatic Braking systems, parking sensors, adaptive cruise control system, side cushions, etc.

KIA Forte GT 2024

KIA Forte Prices:

KIA Forte GT-Manual Price In USA: Starts at $25,090

KIA Forte Price In USA: Starts at $19,690, to $21,890

KIA Forte Price In India: Starts at ₹9,00000

KIA Forte Price In Pakistan: Starts at 45, 00,000 to 57,50,000 PKR

KIA Forte Price In Canada: $20,395 to $30,795 MSRP

KIA Forte GT-line Price In USA: $22,785 to $29,704.

KIA Forte GT Price In USA: Starts at $21,890


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