2024 Nissan 240SX Interior And Price

2024 Nissan 240SX

Nissan launched its sports compact car, the 2024 Nissan 240SX onto the North American Market in in 1989 for the 1990 model year. The previous 200SX model was replaced by it. The most common engine for Nissan 240SX is 2.4L inline (KA24E in the previous version and it has been redesigned as KA24DE after 1990). The latter one featured two overhead cams while the former featured just one.

In 1995 Nissan debuted the second generation as the S-14 chassis Nissan 240SX For sale in the US market. Apart from having a wider track and longer wheelbase, the S14 also has a taller roofline. Additionally depending upon the trim level, different features are specified for different models. The S14 interior was updated with a new dashboard featuring white-faced instruments. The airbags are now mounted in a spoke steering wheel negating the need for motorized seat belts.

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Nissan 240SX Exterior

A few exterior and mechanical features were also added such as the removal of extra hoods which are unnecessary for aerodynamic purposes. The long hood and rear drive layout of the S14 are emphasized by its muscular wide shoulder exterior.

Pop-up headlights on the S13 have been replaced with the flash-mounted lights up front which emphasized the car’s low nose. It has plastic hubcaps and steel wheels, features retained by the S13. It has optional 15-inch wheels with a thick honeycomb pattern. 1998 Nissan 240SX newer and latest designs compromise the best design of the company and it carries 16-inch wheels.

Nissan 240SX Interior

Nissan 240SX Interior

Nissan 240SX interior remains unchanged almost in all generations. It had pop-up headlights and integrated rear taillights just like its Japanese coupe siblings. It looks incredibly sporty with the optional aero package. There are two straightforward white gauges inside the car. The radio is located directly beneath the air conditioning unit which is housed in a simple and tidy central console.

The cupholders were added and the seats are fairly cozy. This car was entirely modified, its width has been increased, and lengthwise it has been shortened. The fuel tank was located just below the rear seats. The base model came with the airbags and the leather seats are optional. An anti-theft system, keyless entry, CD player, and other features are added to the sports model to create the luxury version. Power-assisted rack and pinion steering helps the Nissan 240SX steer with 3.1 turns of lock to lock which is geared for in-town rather than for off-road aggressive driving.

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Nissan 240SX Engine

Nissan 240SX gets power from a 2.4 L inline 4-cylinder Gas engine which generates power of 155hp/5600rpm coupled with 160lb/ft of torque. As a rear-wheel drive, This engine is paired with a 5-speed manual transmission which works efficiently and smoothly producing more power and torque. The car’s handling and smoothness were improved and the power remains the same.

Nissan 240SX Price

Nissan 240SX old model yet very efficient in performance and is very comfortable from the inside as well as dynamic from the outside. The starting price for the base model of the Nissan 240SX Price is $15,943.

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