2024 Toyota Innova Hycross Price And Mileage

Toyota Innova Hycross 2024

Toyota Innova Hycross 2024 is an MPV also called a Multipurpose vehicle designed and manufactured Japanese manufacturer in 2004 as “Kijang”. The vehicle designed first time was a wagon style full of comfort and luxury in seating arrangements of three rows. The first time it was launched with the official name of “Toyota Innova Kijang ” but literally its name of ” Toyota Innova Hycross” got much popularity due to its features and performance.

Toyota launched this Toyota Innova Hycross version in two powertrain options, one is hybrid and another one is with aspirtated petrol variant. This vehicle functions as a front-wheel drive. Its name also a combination of these two words as ” Hy” from its hybrid version and ” cross” by its cross-over style. Its exterior beautiful design is made much fantastic by different crease styles in its appearance, a newly designed front grill with hexagonal shaped compartments and a Toyota logo on it. The features of this Hycross are almost similar to the previous Innova except some of the features like it has small windows, the rear side being somewhat slimmer, 18 inches tires, and more unique style than other iterations.

toyota innova hycross

Exterior Remarkable Design of Toyota Innova Hycross:

The external design of the car is the most fabulous and dynamic and it apears to be more fantastic. The external LED lights are in squarish shape and larger alloy wheels with full flared arches. The rear side of the vehicle is much astonishing having extraordinary features Its lavish front side is more beautiful by the presence of large-sized grill with hexagonal compartments.

Its unique slimmer rear side with taillights and halogen lightening offers a very mind-blowing apearance which captivates the eyes of the viewers. These LED lights appears to be more elegant and beautiful and gives a wonderful design to the Honda Elevate. These LED lights offers visuality over a wide range and provide clear visibility at night. The dual tone Diamond cut alloy wheels of 18 inches size which increase boldness and offer maximum grip on the roads.

toyota innova hycross 2025

Toyota Innova Hycross electrically power-operated adjustable and retractable mirrors have indicator lights on them, made for the convenience of the customers. When there is extreme weather conditions, fog or mist outside, the fog lamps help increase the visibility over long distances to clear outside view. Its greater height or high ground clearance helps to pass over different types of terrains or pathways easily. It has panoramic sunroof which helps to keep in touch with the natural scenery outside.

Interior well-spaced Cabin of Toyota Innova Hycross.

Toyota Innova Hycross interior of the car is made much more luxurious and comfortable with all the facilities the riders needs. There were a lot of modifications and changes were carried out to make it the most comfortable cabin with soft-touch materials and a lot of technology. Its interior is so beautiful that everyone desires to be take its ride very delightfully.

toyota innova hycross 2024

The interior upholstery comprises of soft-touch leather which decorates the interior side of the vehicle just like a mysterious force. It feels so relaxed and soothing to sit inside it. It is well spacious inside offers maximum space for leg room and headroom and have proper sitting arrangements. Its instrument panel is much outstanding ith a lot of information it displays on the screen regarding fuel and other performances. There is also a wireless charging panel in front of the front seat also a space for putting mobile phones.

Engine performance:

Toyota Innova Hycross India is powered with two powertrains- a 2.0-litre petrol engine paired with a CVT unit which generates a power of  172 bhp which also coupled with 205 Nm of peak torque. Another 2.0-liter petrol engine is coupled with an electric motor and worked as a hybrid powertrain based on self charging system.

Mileage of Toyota Innova Hycross:

Depending on variants Toyota Innova Hycross fuel economy recorded its mileage from 16kmpl -24kmpl.


2024 Toyota Innova Hycross configurations claims to accelerate from 0-100kph in just 9.5sec which is enough to impress its viewers.


Its muscular design is most prominent and much liked by the customers. The exterior design is masculine and perfectly designed for elite class. Toyota Innova Hycross price In India ranges between 19.67 lakhs -30.26Lakhs.

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