2024 Yamaha Bolt Features And Price

Yamaha Bolt 2024

2024 Yamaha Bolt has delightful American-style features that initially brought to fame. Yamaha will continue to produce its Bolt R -Spec pocket cruiser until 2024. Its features enhance the overall appearance and agility. For under 9000 dollars, This impressive machine will generate plenty of tractable power of 65hp and 59.3lb/ft of torque. Its engine displacement is 942cc and well adjusted to 9:1 compression ratio. It offers its customers with long service life and less oil consumption. A robust, carbon-reinforced belt and pulley derive transfer power to the rear wheel after passing through standard wet clutch and 5-speed transmission.

yamaha bolt

Yamaha Bolt Key Features:

Yamaha Bolt r spec is a Japanese cruiser that also acts as an urban bobber and is available in only one color. Some of the features are similar to the line up like a teardrop-shaped fuel tank, large wheels, and fenders made of steel for an extremely beautiful look. Yamaha Bolt front Headlight and tail lights both are LED lights. Its telescopic fork and disc brakes collectively make its suspension system much improved to take it over long journey without any stress. Like othe bobber bikes cockpit is lowered and at a larger rake angle. Its rear tire is slightly wider than the front wheel.

Although it carries a modified instrument panel. The exhaust mufflers are kept at a downward position to keep the rider safe. Its stable body and chassis offer high maneuverability than other bobber bikes. Air intakes made up of stainless steel has high intake efficiency. Its large wheelbase size helps to keep you stable and protected during ride or journey. Its slimmer and sleek body design is much liked by the younger generation.

Yamaha Bolt Engine Specifications:

yamaha bolt engine

Yamaha Bolt customisation is powered by an air-cooled SOHC engine with 942cc displacement which is capable of generating power of 65hp which is coupled with the production of 59.3lb/ft of torque.

Yamaha Bolt top speed:

Yamaha bolt top speed being a bobber bike is the name of performance and efficiency. Its maximum speed is recorded as 160mph.

yamaha bolt 2024

Yamaha Bolt Price

Yamaha Bolt Price offers a range of ride safety electronic enhancements just put the sporty over the top but can also be adjusted to one’s preference. It’s great to have adjustable suspension and fun of infotainment system. Yamaha Bolt starting price is $8,849 which is nearly twice as much as the Bolt for all the additional enjoyments that it offers to its customers. So according to the facilities provided by the company, the rate of vehicles depends accordingly.

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