2025 Maruti Fronx Top Model And Price

Maruti Fronx 2024

2024 Maruti Fronx is a Luxurious SUV manufactured and debuted by Suzuki in April 2024. It was introduced with different versions like Fronx Zeta, Alpha, Delta Sigma, Delta +, etc., and is available in two engine options. The exterior is furnished with Nexa wave frill, skid plates, 16-inch tires and specifically designed Headlights. The interior is also airy and comfortable with much headroom and legroom area. Both engines work efficiently for the best performance. Safety instruments like airbags and seat belts are also a major feature of the Suzuki Brand. Read More: 2024 Buick Skylark Price And Interior

maruti fronx 2024

Maruti Fronx Exterior Look

Maruti Fronx exterior of the front is equipped with silver roof rails, contrast-color skid plates, and 16-inch alloy wheels in dual tone with tubeless radial tires. The front tires are equipped with disc brakes while the rear tires have drum brakes. The front end carries a Nexa wave chrome finished grill which appears to be wider than traditional style SUVs. Maruti Fronx wheels also have wider wheel arches with a turning radius of 4.9 inches. It has LED headlamps, and LED taillights. There are Nine colors available for the model which can accommodate five people.

Maruti Fronx Interior Look

maruti fronx 2025

Maruti Fronx interior is as amazing as the exterior of the Maruti Fronx Top Model. All the inside of the cabin is furnished with a dual tone which looks captivating just like your home vanity. It has 5 doors with a seating capacity of five persons. In addition to the interior compartment, it provides an extra 308 L of boot space. Its premium quality fabric seats provide maximum comfort to the passengers even if they feel untired after a long journey.

In terms of safety purposes, there are 6 airbags, a 360-degree camera, a heads-up display, a 9-inch smartphone pro + an infotainment system. Suzuki is not only a company name but its a brand with a frequent number of products formed by them having qualitatively and quantitatively better than others. It has access to Apple Car Play and Android Auto. Its UV cut glass, AC vents, and wireless charger are among the top interior features of the model.

Maruti Fronx Engine.

A 1.2 L petrol engine produces 89 horsepower paired with 113 Nm of torque which is paired with 5-speed manual transmission. This engine is not only capable of generating ambient power and torque yet it is suitable for an improved version of this model. The rider does not feel stressed while traveling or riding in Maruti Fronx due to its reliability and maneuverability.

maruti fronx

Maruti Fronx Mileage and Top Speed.

Maruti Fronx is very efficient in performance and has reached its maximum speed of 180km/h. The EPA estimates Maruti Fronx mileage better than other iterations which is recorded as 21.79kmpL.

Maruti Fronx Safety

Safety is Suzuki’s priority in manufacturing their vehicles. So without airbags, driver’s assist, parking sensors, and seat belts, it’s impossible to launch Suzuki motors because the rider’s lives are very precious.

Maruti Fronx Price

Depending upon the variant chosen, the Maruti Fronx Price can cost anywhere from Rs. 7. 47 Lakhs to Rs 13.14 Lakhs.

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