2024 Yamaha Grizzly 700 Price and Features

Yamaha Grizzly 700

2024 Yamaha Grizzly 700 is a highly advanced and most powerful ATV of the Japanese Automobile market. It is among the most famous vehicles in the world which offers maximum reliability and maneuverability. Yamaha Grizzly 700 xtr is the last base model of the year 2014, present only in blue and red color. The special edition model presented their grace and was available in only white color. It is available in three trim levels and all are equipped with an Electronic power steering system. It comes after the Yamaha Grizzly 660 as its successor with a lot of modifications and improvements.

yamaha grizzly 700 2024

The first ever product was introduced in 2007 and after a lot of struggle, Yamaha Grizzly accessories became the world’s first ATV. From its previous version, it is entirely different, its mechanical parts are manufactured in slightly larger size, and it gives high performance even on low torque and less power. Aesthetically it is wonderful and amazing in performance. It has overcome all the drawbacks of previous generations. Some of the mind-blowing features it carries include a 44mm throttle body fuel injection system, 686cm3 engine displacement, and Electronic power steering using 31bit ECU. It comes out with a low seat height and is compatible with untrained users or beginners. But ATV lovers benefit from overall high performance and improved suspension systems.

Exterior Design and



The external outstanding appearance and agility represent the dynamic design of the vehicle and it reflects the thoughts of the manufacturer in a practical sense. The external frame is made of steel and plastic material. It is equipped with large tires, a hand grip for proper holding and protection, and a handlebar with upright mirrors. This extraordinary vehicle is made just to enjoy the ride and amuse yourself. Yamaha Grizzly Top speed large tires carry front and rear fenders for protection from dust, debris, and mud.

The front fenders have large circular headlights comprised of 31 Watts, taillights comprised of 5 Watts, and brake lights of 21 watts offering a clear and maximum visual appearance at night. Other indicators have LED Lights. Besides the electronic steering wheel, there is a multifunctional steering wheel, through which the rider is informed about the vehicle’s output and performance. The double wishbone suspension system with an adjustable shock absorber helps it to travel smoothly on all types of roads even on steep, curved, rocky, and plain pathways. It has a large storage space with a towing capacity of 250kg.

yamaha grizzly 700 2025

Engine performance and its specifications:

yamaha grizzly 700 engine

Yamaha Grizzly for sale is powered by a four-stroke liquid-cooled SOHC engine with an engine capacity of 686 cm3. Grizzly For Sale uses a 44mm throttle body fuel injection system and wet-type air infiltration system to improve engine efficiency. It can Generate power of 50hp and by using this engine it reaches a maximum speed of 64mph. The fuel economy recorded its 21.44mpg mileage. Its fuel tank capacity is 20L. To protect it from damage, always use lead-free petrol with a minute concentration of Ethanol.

Yamaha Grizzly 700 Price:

The Cost of Yamaha Grizzly is $ 11, 399.

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