Bajaj CT 110 New Design, Review, And Price

Bajaj CT 110

New Bajaj CT 110 is the latest offering from Bajaj Auto, one of India’s leading two-wheeler manufacturers. This new model boasts a powerful engine and an impressive mileage that makes it an attractive choice for those who want to experience the thrill of riding without breaking the bank. The bike’s design is minimalistic yet stylish, with a sleek fuel tank and comfortable seating.

One of the most notable features of the Bajaj CT 110 is its fuel efficiency. With a mileage of up to 104 km/litre, this bike promises to be both cost-effective and eco-friendly. Its 115cc engine churns out a maximum power output of 8.6 bhp at 7,000 rpm and peak torque of 9.81 Nm at 5,000 rpm.

The Bajaj CT 110 also ensures safety with its anti-skid brakes that provide superior grip and control on all types of roads. The suspension system is designed to absorb shocks, making it easier for riders to navigate rough terrain without any discomfort or fatigue. Overall, this bike packs a punch in terms of performance while being easy on your pocket!

Bajaj CT 110 Design:

The design of the Bajaj CT 110 mileage is both stylish and functional. Its sleek lines and bold decals give it a sporty look, while its sturdy frame and durable build make it a reliable choice for daily commuting. The bike’s comfortable seat and well-positioned handlebars provide a comfortable riding position, making long rides an effortless experience.

The CT 110’s design also boasts practical features such as its high ground clearance, which makes navigating through rough terrains easier. The bike’s robust suspension system absorbs shocks effectively, ensuring that riders enjoy a smooth ride even on bumpy roads. Additionally, the CT 110 comes equipped with an efficient headlamp that provides excellent visibility in low light conditions.

Bajaj CT 110 sa

In conclusion, the design of the Bajaj CT 110 is not just stylish but also functional in every way possible. It combines aesthetic appeal with practicality to offer riders an exhilarating riding experience without compromising on comfort or safety.

Bajaj CT 110 Engine:

The Bajaj CT 110 engine is an impressive bike that boasts a powerful engine. Its air-cooled, single-cylinder engine delivers exceptional performance and power output of up to 8.6 bhp at 7,000 rpm. The engine is mated to a four-speed gearbox that ensures smooth and precise gear shifts even in challenging road conditions.

The bike’s advanced exhaust technology further enhances its performance by optimizing the amount of air fuel mixture burnt in the combustion chamber. This results in increased power delivery, improved fuel efficiency, and reduced emissions. The bike’s suspension system also contributes to its excellent performance as it provides a stable and comfortable ride on rough terrains.

In conclusion, if you’re looking for a reliable motorcycle with powerful performance capabilities, then the Bajaj CT 110 is an ideal choice. Its robust engine delivers outstanding power output while maintaining optimal fuel efficiency and low emissions levels. Additionally, its suspension system ensures a comfortable ride even on bumpy roads making it an excellent option for daily commuting or weekend adventures.Bajaj CT 110 scc

Bajaj CT 110 Features:

The Bajaj CT 110 colours is a motorcycle that boasts several features to ensure rider comfort. The bike has a long and wide seat, which means it can accommodate riders of different sizes. Additionally, the CT 110 comes with rubber footpegs that provide extra grip for the rider’s legs, reducing fatigue during long rides. Another feature that enhances comfort on this bike is its suspension system, which includes telescopic front forks and SNS rear shock absorbers. These components work together to provide smooth rides even on rough terrain.

Safety is another key feature of the Bajaj CT 110. The bike has an anti-skid brake system (ASBS) that ensures reliable stopping power in all conditions. This technology reduces the chances of skidding or losing control when braking suddenly on slippery surfaces or during emergency stops. Moreover, the CT 110 also features a bright headlamp and tail lamps that improve visibility while riding at night or in low-light conditions.

Finally, there are additional features that make the Bajaj CT 110 stand out from other motorcycles in its class. It has an easy-to-read instrument console that displays all necessary information such as speedometer, odometer, fuel gauge and more – making it easy for riders to keep track of their driving data while on-the-go!

Bajaj CT 110 Pricing & Availability

Bajaj CT 110 price is a popular motorcycle in India known for its reliability and affordability. The pricing of this bike is set competitively to cater to the needs of budget-conscious buyers. Despite being priced affordably, Bajaj has not compromised on the quality of the bike. The company has equipped it with powerful features such as an air-cooled engine, anti-skid brakes, and a comfortable seat.

The availability of Bajaj CT 110 is widespread across many cities in India. Buyers can access this bike through authorized dealerships or online stores such as Amazon or Flipkart. Besides, interested buyers can also obtain financing options to ease their financial burden.

Overall, Bajaj CT 110 offers excellent value for money while still providing high-quality features that meet the needs of riders across different demographics. With its affordable pricing and wide availability across India, it remains a top choice for people seeking an entry-level but reliable motorcycle option.

Bajaj CT 110 Competitors: Comparison & Overview

When it comes to the Bajaj CT 110, interior there are a few key competitors that stand out in the market. One of the most notable is the Hero Splendor Plus. While both bikes fall into the same price range and offer similar features, there are some key differences between them.

For starters, the Hero Splendor Plus has a slightly larger engine than the Bajaj CT 110 at 97.2cc compared to 115cc. Additionally, it offers slightly better fuel efficiency with a claimed mileage of around 80kmpl as opposed to Bajaj’s claim of 78kmpl for their bike. However, when it comes to looks and style, many riders prefer the sporty design of the CT 110 over that of its competitor.Bajaj CT 110

Another competitor worth considering is the TVS Radeon. This bike also falls within a similar price range and offers comparable features like electric start and alloy wheels. However, where it really shines is in its comfortable ride quality – something that many riders prioritize when choosing a bike for their daily commutes or long distance trips.

Overall, while each of these bikes has its own unique strengths and weaknesses, they all represent viable options for anyone looking for an affordable yet reliable motorcycle in India’s competitive two-wheeler market.


In conclusion, the Bajaj CT 110 for sale is a great choice for those who are looking for an affordable and reliable motorcycle. With its sturdy build and fuel-efficient engine, this bike is perfect for daily commutes or weekend rides. The CT 110’s comfortable seating position also makes it an ideal choice for long journeys.

If you’re someone who values safety, then you’ll be pleased to know that the Bajaj CT 110 comes equipped with drum brakes on both wheels. This ensures that you can safely bring your motorcycle to a stop even in emergency situations.

Overall, the Bajaj CT 110 is an excellent two-wheeler that offers great value for money. With its impressive mileage, low maintenance costs, and durable build quality, it’s easy to see why this bike has become so popular among riders of all ages and backgrounds. So if you’re in the market for a new motorcycle that won’t break the bank, then definitely consider the Bajaj CT 110 as your top pick!


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