Harley Rocker C 2024 For Sale In USA

2024 Harley Rocker C

Harley Rocker 2024 is a chopper-style soft-tail bike, actually a cousin to Rocker. It was first time introduced in 2008 and it has continued its production till 2011 but with just minor changes especially in its colors. All the variants come up with the same engine style, performance, and reliability just with changes in colors. Harley Rocker C Latest model came out with a new clutch and air box.

Harley Rocker C latest edition has two trim levels, Standard Rocker and Rocker C, both carrying the same style, design, engine, and body chassis with differences in colors. It has a V-twin Cam 1584cc engine which can produce maximum power to drive it efficiently it is paired with a 6-speed manual transmission gearbox and it produces 121Nm /2750rpm of torque to increase the engine performance. The most distinguishing feature is that it has a large rack and extended sitting position with large handlebars which provide it new stylish look. Its body castle is made up of Aluminum with a black color finishing touch. It provides its rider with the most comfortable driving experience.

Harley Rocker C


The Harley Rocker C specs are among the most impressive style bikes. Due to its large displacement engine, it becomes a high-performance bike with a smooth ride and easy-to-handle auto-bike. The manufacturer made its agile and elegant design stainless hard casing made up of Aluminum. Its front side has a telescopic fork and round LED headlights with a digital instrument panel. This panel keeps the rider informed about the bike’s performance and its speed.

Harley Rocker C Top Speed large rack, along with a larger yoke angle and large wheelbase became the reason for its popularization among all the Automobile companies. The front wheel is 19 inches in size while the rear wheel is slightly smaller in size but with 240mm width. Its cockpit is at a larger distance from the handlebars with its elevated and lengthy fuel tank. It works on diesel engines and has an 18.9 L fuel tank capacity. The overall body is color-matched including the oil tank, swingarm, and hard case surrounding the engine. Behind the driver’s seat, there is a small cushion for 2nd rider.

Harley Rocker C 2025

Brakes and Suspension System:

Rocker C for sale is equipped with hydraulic disc brakes and an updated suspension system with a single shock absorber which provides a smooth and comfortable ride even on bumpy roads. It has redesigned its clutch and some other features including braking system and its overall design. Its telescopic fork helps it for easy handling and driving. Among all the stylish and advanced motorcycles it comes out with a new decent and glorious design.

Harley Rocker C 2023

Power and Performance:

It is equipped with a stroke air-cooled engine with a much larger displacement of 1584cc which generates power to run a vehicle and is paired with the production of 121Nm torque. This engine is integrated with a 6-speed manual transmission gearbox. Harley Rocker C heavy bike so it weighs about 686lbs. Its recorded mileage is about 45-50mpg.

Harley Rocker C Price:

Harley Rocker C starting price is $ 20,990.

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