MG Comet EV Battery Range And Price

MG Comet EV 2024

2024 MG Comet EV is an Indian Hatchback that was launched in 2023. This is a four-wheel drive electric vehicle that was based on the SE Platform. Its name has been copied from the British Airplane of 1934. It is based on the concept of well spacious inside and compact outside.

MG Comet EV offers its customers 250 plus badges and stickers to customize their vehicles according to their own choice. Its short size does not compromise its performance because MG Comet EV is operated by dust dust-resistant and water-resistant batteries which have been passed out in almost 16 safety tests. The exterior specifications and style are very dynamic which looks very decent.

MG Comet EV 2025

MG Comet EV Exterior Design

MG Comet EV front fascia carries a smooth grill with a similar colour to the vehicle having a charging socket to charge the car, Along its sides there are paired steps LED headlights and just beside the bumper there are fog lights which seem to be indicator lights having very sleek in shape. The outside is not so complex but is 3m in length and 1.4 m in height. The roofline is black with a black color combination on the rear side which gives a wider stance.

Similarly, the side profile also looks elegant with smooth curves and hood lines along with the power adjustable mirrors with integrated indicator lights. There is an option for a seater MG Comet EV which is not available in the Indian Market. 2024 MG Comet EV pace is s so economical is very budget-conscious and does not produce any noise. The main body part is 12-inch steel wheels with disc brakes at the front side and drum brakes at the rear side.

MG Comet EV Interior Design

MG Comet EV 2024

MG Comet EV interior is not so concerned with its size but it is very spacious and sophisticated, The greyish leather upholstery is used inside the cabin which matches the front dashboard and seems to be very impressive and outstanding. The seats are all adjustable and comfortable. The front side has a dual LCD, a lot of buttons, a manual AC with a heater, and a greyish leather-trimmed steering wheel.

MG Comet EV Connectivity

There are 10.25-inch information display that supports Bluetooth, voice commands, Android Auto and Apple Car Play, birthday wish, online music app, critical tire pressure, voice alert, USB, Wi-Fi connectivity FM radio etc. Within this screen, there is another side of the instrument cluster which provides battery information and other related performances.

MG Comet EV

MG Comet EV Battery Range and Charging Capacity

Hyundai Kona Electric gets power from a permanent magnet synchronous electric motor and prismatic cells that generate 41hp and 110Nm of torque. MG Comet EV motor is connected to a 17.3KWh lithium-ion battery which can be fully charged in 7 hours by AC. MG Comet EV can run 230 km per charge.

MG Comet EV Price

MG Comet EV Price In India is available with a base price of 8 lakhs and it exceeds up to 11 lakhs for MG Comet EV top model which is very useful and affordable.


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