New 2023 Yamaha FZ FI Engine, Design & Styling

2023 Yamaha FZ FI

New Model Yamaha FZ FI is one of the most popular motorcycles in India. This bike has been designed for adventure seekers and provides an exhilarating riding experience. It is equipped with a powerful engine, great suspension and advanced features to make your ride smoother and safer. Yamaha has used its decades-long experience in making motorcycles to craft the FZ FI. The 149cc air cooled engine generates 13 bhp at 8000 rpm, along with 12.8 Nm of torque at 6000 rpm. It is also fitted with 5-speed gearbox which helps to tackle any terrain easily while ensuring excellent fuel efficiency as well. New FZ FI telescopic front forks and monocross rear suspension offer superior handling and stability during cornering or sudden braking, allowing you to enjoy your ride without worrying about safety.

Yamaha FZ FI Engine Power

Engine Power is an integral part of any vehicle, and Yamaha FZ FI mileage has it in spades. With a fuel injection system that maximizes power output and performance, the FZ FI offers consistent acceleration throughout the entire rev range. This makes it ideal for everyday use as well as weekend rides to more remote locations.

The 149cc engine delivers 13.2 horsepower at 8,000 RPM and 13.6 Nm of torque at 6,000 RPM – providing reliable power delivery with plenty of low-end torque for quick acceleration from a standstill or during spirited riding on winding roads. The 5-speed gearbox ensures smooth shifts between gears while helping to maximize the bike’s performance potential even further.

Yamaha FZ FI 21

Yamaha FZ FI Performance

The Yamaha FZ FI on road price is a performance-oriented machine that has been a top pick for riders seeking an exciting ride. With its updated engine and chassis, this motorcycle offers smooth acceleration, responsive handling and a powerful presence on the road. Whether you are zipping around town or carving up mountain curves, the Yamaha FZ FI will take you there with ease.

This stylish bike features fuel injection technology that helps to improve power delivery and achieve higher fuel efficiency. It also comes with adjustable suspension settings so you can customize your ride according to surface conditions. The added comfort of its wide saddle seat allows for long rides in total control – perfect for touring or off-road adventures!

Finally, New FZ FI‘s quality construction makes it dependable and strong enough to handle any terrain. From city streets to back roads, this motorcycle delivers exhilarating performance in style.

Yamaha FZ FI Design & Styling

The Yamaha FZ FI review is a motorbike known for its sleek design and stylish look. The bike has been a popular choice among novice and experienced riders alike, due to its distinctive style, strong engine and overall quality.

The Yamaha FZ FI features a light-weight frame that allows the rider to maneuver easily through tight spots or on winding roads. The bike also comes with an aerodynamic fairing which provides superior air flow and helps minimize wind turbulence while riding at high speeds. Additionally, the bike has an ergonomic seating position which allows for increased comfort during longer rides.

New Yamaha signature design elements can be seen in the streamlined bodywork of the FZ FI, as well as its bold color scheme and eye-catching graphics.

Yamaha FZ FI 22

Yamaha FZ FI Comfort Features

The Yamaha FZ FI fuel economy is the perfect bike for any rider looking for a comfortable ride. This bike comes with an array of comfort features, making it ideal for long rides and commutes. It’s equipped with a large windshield to keep wind and rain off the rider while they enjoy their journey. The handlebars are designed to be ergonomic, allowing riders to maintain a comfortable grip even over long distances. The stock seat cushioning is also made from soft material for added comfort on those bumpy roads.

In addition, the Yamaha FZ FI has adjustable suspension settings which provide riders with more control when riding over different terrains. With just the touch of a button, riders can select between soft or firm suspension settings depending on their preference or terrain conditions.

Yamaha FZ FI Safety Measures

The Yamaha FZ FI mileage per liter is a popular choice for motorcyclists who want to enjoy an exciting ride without compromising safety. It comes equipped with advanced safety features that make it one of the best bikes in its class when it comes to rider protection. This bike is designed to protect riders from potential risks while they are on the road. Yamaha’s commitment to rider safety starts with its road-gripping tires, which offers superior grip and stability even in wet conditions. The braking system ensures controlled stopping distances, while ABS technology provides additional confidence during emergency braking scenarios. The integrated immobilizer also protects your motorcycle from theft or unauthorized use. In addition, the engine management system optimizes performance for greater fuel efficiency and reliability on long trips.

Yamaha FZ FI

Yamaha FZ FI Price & Availability

The Yamaha FZ FI price is one of the most affordable and reliable sports bike available in the market. This model has been designed with a powerful engine, sleek design, and superior performance that makes it an ideal choice for all kinds of riders.

In terms of price, the Yamaha FZ FI is very competitively priced at just Rs 1.30 lakh (ex-showroom). For those looking to buy this motorcycle can avail attractive financing options from Yamaha dealers across India. The availability of this bike is also good as it is available at many authorised New Yamaha showrooms across the country. Additionally, customers can also opt for online purchase option where they can get their preferred colour and variant with ease and convenience. Yamaha has managed to strike the perfect balance between affordability and quality with its FZ FI model.

Yamaha FZ FI price in Philippines P99,800

Yamaha FZ FI price in Pakistan PKR 185000

Yamaha FZ FI price in India P99,800


The Yamaha FZ FI for sale has been a popular choice amongst bike enthusiasts over the past decade. From its fuel efficient engine to powerful performance, it is a great option for both casual riders and experienced bikers alike. As the years have passed, Yamaha has worked hard to make sure that this motorcycle remains a top pick for those looking for an affordable yet reliable ride.

The Yamaha FZ FI is an ideal option for any rider looking for a dependable yet stylish machine at an affordable price. It offers excellent fuel efficiency, great performance and reliability that you can count on in any situation. Whether you are just starting out or are already an experienced rider, the Yamaha FZ FI is sure to be one of your favorites when it comes time to hit the open road.


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