2024 Honda Rebel 300 Price And Mileage

Honda Rebel 300 2024

2024 Honda Rebel 300 is a very cheap bike with extraordinary features that offers excellent performance with a smooth and comfortable ride. Honda Rebel 300 mpg is a modified cruiser that is made especially for beginners with less ground clearance and less rake angle.

It also offers a better handling experience for teenagers and youngsters. Honda has modified some features it has LED lights with four bulbs, a highly elevated teardrop-shaped fuel tank, a large wheelbase, and has 286cc engine with high performance and efficiency. In 2017 these modifications were done and its revised version was released. But till 2022 there were no such special modifications or improvements in its model.

honda rebel 300 2024

Key Features of Honda Rebel 300:

Honda Rebel has many accessories from external to internal mechanical parts. All the parts have been manufactured just to provide comfort to its riders. The Honda Rebel 300 for sale competes among the major rivals of the automobile industry and it is one of the biggest beginner cruisers that has much better suspension and much improved braking hardware.

Honda Rebel 300 Used is a friendly vehicle that works as you want. It offers a lot of opportunities for newcomers to perform very well due to its best assistance system. Its telescopic forks and shock absorbers help it out in passing through bumpy rises and uneven pathways. It is designed for beginners too and it’s made so much smooth and more comfortable.

honda rebel 300 2025

Its brakes work so efficiently that it quickly works whenever pressed out. Some of its models are with Non-ABS and Some are with ABS which is the element for safety protection. It has a single circular dial as an instrument cluster which keeps informed about speed and fuel warnings. The exhaust has a single outlet with a black chrome finished covering just to protect the riders. The round circular headlight is used to enhance its visibility over a long distance and along with its two sides there are indicators also. The foot pegs are installed at shorter distances which it easy for beginners.

Performance of the Honda Rebel 300:

It gives its best performance which is shown by its efficiency that it can accelerate the bike at 0-60mph in just 7.5seconds.

Honda Rebels’s Mileage:

Honda Rebel 300 mileage about 57.8mpg. Each bike’s engine efficiency, performance, mileage, and body and chassis bring about in world’s best bikes.

honda rebel 300

Engine Specifications of Honda Rebel 300:

Used Honda Rebel 300 is powered by DOHC liq. cooled single-cylinder engine with 286cc displacement and it generates power of 25.01 hp/7,640 rpm which is coupled with the production of 17.59Nm/ 7,320 rpm which is enough for a smooth and comfortable ride. Its multiple wet-type clutch system will be helpful for newcomers.

Price of Honda Rebel 300:

Depending on performance, body frame, and its power and torque, the company has announced average prices for its products which must be quite expensive by keeping its features in mind. Although it has a reasonable range of Honda Rebel 300 price from $4,699 announced for Non-ABS and the ABS it reaches $4,999.



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