2024 Renault Duster Mileage And Price

Renault Duster 2024

2024 Renault Duster is a premium quality Compact SUV manufactured and designed as an adventurous vehicle most elegant and distinctive from other vehicles and design modifications as well as performance and color combinations. 7 seater Renault Duster was launched in June 2012 as the first midsize SUV and has been sold out at an exponential rate in the market. Renault Duster Mexico is specifically designed to offer Renault’s revised version in much better form. so for this purpose, a lot of changes and modifications have been done in its suspension, body chassis, and overall external modern design.

renault duster

The company got a lot of fame and popularity by manufacturing these products. Because today’s youngsters got made over modern and classic designing along with adventurous features. Moreover, it has a wireless charging system, an 8-inch infotainment system, IRA technology connected to a car, a lot of safety features, and many others. It comes equipped with three different powertrain options. All produce enough power and torque to enhance the vehicle’s performance.

External Features of Renault Duster :

The Renault Duster is highly proficient and the high-quality Supreme SUV which looks gorgeous from its front side. The front side made it everlasting beautiful confident and more powerful than other vehicles belonging to the same iteration or from other variants. The designer designed it for those enthusiasts who are adventure-loving with extra beautiful color combinations and striking appearance. Its heart-touching design looks astonishing and the functional ability of its mechanical features is mind-blowing.

The forged Aluminum wheels of 16 inches size, its C- shaped headlights used as Day running lights,some of its crease lines and waistlines for enhancing aesthetic beauty are distinctive features that makes it a more reliable source. Its external robust designs brought this brand to heights of glory.The front and rear bumper has an overwhelming design of iron bar which extends from inside out making a new design in the Renault history, it looks amazing too. Its roof carries roof rails or roof bars in dark black color, It has chrome finished grill. Its metallic paint is helpful to provide a rust free property to it. Renault Duster 2024 offers a very comfortable source of driving to its riders.

Interior Features of Renault Duster:

renault duster interior

Renault Duster interior impresses with its qualities and the designer made it worthy by its adventurous design and plenty of space with the most beautiful interior. Its comma-shaped adjustable seats are a source of riders’ comfort. The reassuring interior cabin is brighter and has magnificent decor on the whole. The front central console has a clean dashboard and a steering wheel.

The company has much emphasis on its ergonomics and aesthetic sense. The most important internal feature is that it offers complete opening of doors at the right angle even wheelchair patients can easily enter it. The interior panel and quality material are used to impress its customers. Its premium look is presented by its wonderful appearance from the inside of the vehicle. You will be provided with armrests, cupholders, large space for legroom and headroom, and a lot of safety features. It has electrically adjustable side mirrors with power-operated windows and doors.

Renault Duster’s Multimedia system:

It has some other necessary features like navigation and a communication system which is easy to understand and is beneficial for the driver even on unknown routes he will be guided by a map navigation system on 8.0 inch driver assistance screen. Similarly, it offers wireless and Bluetooth connectivity with Android Car Play and Android compatibility. For Infotainment purposes, another screen is used with the 6-speaker audio system.

Safety Features of Renault Duster:

There are a lot of safety features like parking sensors, speed limit and blind spot warning, Hill assist technology, rear parking sensors, ABS, and EBA that helps to concentrate the focus of drivers for safety purpose.

Engine specifications of Renault Duster:

renault duster Engine

The Renault Duster Colombia is available in three engine options. The most amazing and suitable one is 1.5DCI engine which can generate power of 66kW with the production of 210Nm.

Mileage of Renault Duster:

EPA estimated its maximum Renault Duster mileage of 13.89-19.87kmpl.

Renault Duster Price:

Depending on availability of almost all features in this very decent and unique styling, it means a blessing for its buyers and customers. Renault Duster pricing ranges between 8.5 Lakhs -14.25 Lakhs depending upon the variant which the customer chooses according to his own choice.

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