Electric Rickshaw Price And Mileage

Electric Rikshaw:

Electric rickshaw is an advanced and technical product first time introduced in India. It is the first time in automobile history to be an electric rickshaw instead of a handle rikshaw and cycle. The previous rickshaws run on gasoline engines and some are powered by gas engines. This electric rickshaw is powered by a battery that is operated on the solar system. It provides a better handling experience comfort and convenience to riders.

Electric Rickshaw was first time launched in 1957 it was powered by a 2-stroke engine with 250CC displacement which can generate 8 horsepower that is enough to provide a soothing ride. It consisted of 2 passenger seats and one driver seat. These rickshaws were powered by liquefied petroleum gas LPG.

electric rickshaw

Design and benefits.

Electric rickshaw an environment-friendly machinery whose emissions are less than the other motorbikes and rickshaws powered by petrol and diesel engines. It will be available in the normal range so that anyone can buy it easily. If the solar battery does not meet the demands of the driver’s needs it will be replaced by any other battery. 

Product design specification

Auto rickshaw offers an agile and beautiful look from its exterior side.  The frame is made up of rust-free stainless steel and it can carry a weight of more than 400 kg.  Ergonomically it is safe and secure for Driving and convenient for passengers to travel from one place to another.  it reaches its maximum speed of 25 kilometers per hour. now the manufacturer focuses on the production of electric rickshaws because it is the most reliable source of earnings. 

Auto Rickshaw is powered by a Brushless DC electric motor of 900-1000 W which produces enough power. These 3-wheeler rikshaws are equipped with drum brakes and parking brakes that prevent the vehicle from slipping even on wet roads.  Its wheels offer an extraordinary mitigation system and traction control system which keeps safe and secure in case of overspeeding and any emergency situation.

electric rickshaw in india

Fuel economy

Electric Rickshaw battery says that if an electric motor uses four batteries each of 12 Volt then it consists of 48 Volt electric motor that can generate a power of 2.61 kW coupled with 59.66 Nm of torque. Its recorded mileage within a city ranges from 60-80km after one charge. Each battery will be charged at 140Ah.

Electric Rickshaw Price In India.

 It is a budget-friendly machinery with a range of Rs/- 1.25 lakhs to 1.27 lakhs. 

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