JCB backhoe loader Price In India

JCB backhoe loader:

JCB backhoe loader is a machine with a tractor and uplifting arm that is used to carry weight from one place to another or it is mainly used for construction purposes. The first time it was introduced by JCB was in 1953. It is a reliable source of carrying weight.

JCB offers ICX, 3CX, 4CX, and 5CX with Pro and PLUS versions with high performance and greater hallowing capacity. Among all the weight loaders, it is the most versatile, Convenient, and productive model. JCB redesigned its models with some latest features again in 2015 as 3CX Eco or its PRO and PLUS models generate enough power and have greater weight-lifting capacity.

jcb backhoe loader

Design and Features:

Backhoe loader toy is a conventional tool and very easy to use. This loader carries an excavator along with a joystick. There is a comfortable sitting position with advanced accessories inside it. JCB provides a 12V electrical supply by which the driver can charge his phone and any other electrical equipment he uses while driving.  The driver can easily understand all the mechanical tools.

jcb backhoe loader 2024

Its comfortable seat with armrests helps to lessen the muscle aches and fatigue. This loader carries most of the features similar to a truck having larger rear wheels and smaller front wheels. The engine is present on the front side just above or close to the grill. The exhaust filter out all the dust and debris because the JCB backhoe loader for sale is mainly used for construction purpose or towing heavy objects. 

New JCB backhoe loader is powered by an engine that can generate a power of 81 kW,  its excavator can dig up to 5.6 meters and it has a loading capacity of 8500 kilograms. It has three buckets and is mostly available in yellow and black contrast. Its suspension seat is helpful in reducing muscle fatigue. If we talk about its interior its central console comprises a 7-inch display that is mainly for driver’s assistance. After a lot of changes modifications and improvements, JCB manufactures this  3CX product with less hard work of drivers.

Economically it has improved some of its features like it has hydraulic flow system and Panoramic mirror which is very helpful for the driver to have a look at the working of the excavator. Its front loader carries a multifunctional joystick that can rotate at a 360-degree angle. It can be used for digging, Construction of roads and buildings, etc. 

jcb backhoe loader 2025

JCB backhoe loader Price In India: 

JCB announces different price ranges for different models and it varies depending on the latest and technical equipment.  The base price for a JCB 3CX backhoe loader ranges between 35 lakhs- 38 lakhs.


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