Honda Magna Price And Specifications

Honda Magna Overview and Historical Background:

Honda Magna is a fabulous, sporty, and large cruiser motorbike manufactured by Honda Motors from 1982 to 2005 with its latest generation of Honda Magna 750 cc. From its lineup, it offers a better driving experience and comfortable ride even on long journeys. In 1982, Honda manufactured this comfortable cruiser with 750cc engine displacement with a 6-speed transmission gearbox, also called V45 Magna, and available in Blue and maroon colors which offers a smooth ride.

But after one year it has an updated version of V65 Magna with 1098cc displacement in Maroon and black color. As it was getting much popularity among European Market. Honda introduced its 700cc version but after 11 years, in 1993, the company restarted its production of the 750cc model, due to its performance, agility, and comfortable ride. Honda completely changed its overall body and chassis, exhausts, new shock absorber, average height seat, braking, and suspension system. In 2003 and 2004 an updated and latest cruiser was introduced in the world with high market trends.

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Honda Magna overall Design and Mechanical Specifications:

Mechanical specifications and an intelligent mindset can introduce such type of innovative ideas. Honda Magna for sale is specifically built for engine efficiency and as a driver-oriented vehicle. The cartridge fork in the front side offers better handling, its double-cradle frame provides frame protection, and less or average height seat all offer a smooth and comfortable ride.

The five-spoke wheels are composed of tubeless tires with maximum grip. The braking hardware offers disc brakes with excellent performance. Its teardrop-shaped fuel tank has a fuel capacity of 13L. Its handlebar has an instrument cluster that has two analog meters that show the speed and mileage of the motorbike and at its center, there are a few indicator lights that act as a warning signal for fuel, oil tail lights, etc. This cluster functions as an odometer, tachometer, speedometer, etc.

Double exhaust pipes are responsible for the extra emission of particulate gases. Its comfortable and leather-trimmed cockpit offers sitting positions for two persons. Honda Magna generation does not carry an upswept muffler to its super sporty bikes. The braking hardware carries disc brakes and higher strength to stop the motorcycle in extreme emergencies. Its ignition system does not produce any type of noise when it starts up.

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Honda Magna Engine Specifications:

Honda Magna 750 is equipped with a four-stroke liquid-cooled engine with 4 valves per cylinder having 748cc displacement and at most places it was written as 750cc displacement which can generate power of 75 hp/9000rpm coupled with the production of 64.7Nm /7000rpm torque. Honda Magna V4 engine efficiently works at a 5-speed mannual transmission gearbox.

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Honda Magna Price:

Honda Magna’s starting price is $7799.


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