Victory Highball Price And Top Speed

Victory Highball 2024

2024 Victory Highball is an elegant bore motorbike manufactured in 2012 by Victory Motors. Victory offers its bike lovers a unique piece with a comfortable ride and astonishing view. Its uplifted handlebars, paired with the blacked-out engine, 16-inch five-spoke Aluminum wheels, rear end slightly downward, and front end slightly elevated which increases its beauty.

The double exhaust pipes help the emission of particulate gases. Victory Highball bike is equipped with a 1731 cc displacement engine which uses an electronic fuel injection system and can easily generate power of 97 hp which is coupled with the production of 113ft/lb. of torque. The designer designed it in such an extraordinary manner that it has an elevated fuel tank with an extended handlebar which is offered by a large yoke angle.

victory highball 2025

The greater wheelbase provides it with a maximum full-size appearance but for beginners, it’s difficult to handle it properly. But for the young ones such type of stylish motorbike is their priority to drive in open air rather than in cars and jeep style vehicles.

All the specifications offer well-done performance, including a fuel-efficient engine, the most powerful braking hardware, five-spoke wheels, a comfortable sitting position, an instrument panel, and foot pegs fixed on a proper position making a ride easy and not make the rider feel tired. It looks amazing and its mind blowing performance impresses its viewers.

Victory Highball Design and Mechanical Features:

The Victory highball Top Speed is stylish because of its large wheelbase and extra lengthy telescopic forks on the front side of it, it seems like the front wheel is no more a part of it. The front diamond-shaped headlights enhance the visibility area as it uses LED bulbs inside it. The rear side is also furnished with strong tail lights and indicator lights. The uplifted handlebar also carries an instrument panel which keeps the rider informed about the fuel, taillights, speed, and performance of the engine.

victory highball 2024

The overall black matte color captivates the viewers as it is much more appealing to the eyes. The fuel tank has some red or white markings or logo impregnated over it. The front Telescopic forks and rear mono shocks offer a smooth ride even on bumpy roads. Its handlebars increase its charm along with a short fender. Its rust-free metal frame is beautifully carved according to its features. Its lightweight frame does not make a heavy bike, everyone can easily handle it. Victory Highball fuel economy states its estimated mileage is about 40mpg.

Victory highball Engine, Brakes and Suspension:

The Victory Highball For sale is powered by a four-stroke, air-cooled V-Twin engine with an engine displacement of 1,731cc and is capable of generating power of 96hp coupled with 113lb/ft torque, which increases its efficiency and performance.

This engine is cooled down by fins incorporated with it to increase its working efficiency. The drive train offers a smooth ride with a multi-plate clutch and a 6-speed manual transmission gearbox. With this high-performance engine, it can reach up to 120mph.

victory highball

Victory Highball’s worth rate:

Its starting and base price is $13,499.

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