TATA ULTRA Price In India 2024


TATA Ultra is an Indian truck manufactured by TATA Motors in 2014 and its first generation was launched in 2020 with this TATA Ultra T7 Model. This fuel-efficient and environment-friendly truck is made to European norms for safety purposes. It is a complex mixture of style, performance, and agility.

It is made up of strong steel and comes out in TATA’s commercial segment used for transportation purposes especially transport of vegetables, fisheries, grains, and some other products that have been transported from one place to another. It has a 1.9m narrow Steel cabin which it received awards from the International Market. It provides heat and noise insulation which keep the driver focused and prevent distractions. TATA Ultra designed this vehicle in a very advanced manner full of safety and comfort.


External features :

The external features are not more complex, Although it is much more simple and comfortable. TATA Ultra has designed it for carrying heavy loads of more than 7500 kg. Its front sleek cabin is the most popular among all of its features and it can be tilted at a 55-degree angle. The front side is furnished with stylish LED headlights, indicator lights, bumper, space for fog lights, and reflecting tapes which are used for reflecting front light to its source to enhance visibility and to avoid collisions.

It has large side mirrors with a metal stand for support and upper lights which help for visual rear load. Its 17.5-inch steel wheels with drum rear brakes, and tubeless tires with less rolling resistance. It has a riveted bolted ladder-type heavy-duty frame with front parabolic spring suspension and rear semi-elliptical leaf springs with parabolic auxiliary suspension. The rear side also has tail lights and a safety Bar for security purposes. TATA Ultra 1518 offers a 3-year warranty for its users.


The Front Extraordinary Stylish Cabin and its Interior Features:

The front interior is designed for drivers and it consists of three adjustable seats made up of fabric upholstery and furnished with lumbar support and armrests. The dashboard mounted gear lever for easy shifting and this truck has a 5-speed manual transmission. Its dashboard has various buttons to control lights and fans and a rack and pinion-type steering wheel. Its illuminated instrument panel works as a speedometer, trip meter, and odometer. It has two sun visors for the driver and passenger side, two space pockets for putting small accessories, a fuse box, a glowing box, and two reading lights. It provides TATA Ultra 1918 Alert service for its users.

TATA Ultra’s Engine performance, Top speed, and fuel capacity:

tata ultra engine

TATA Ultra bus 56 seater is powered by a 2600cc inline four-cylinder water-cooled Diesel engine which generates power of 83hp and torque of 250 Nm. It has 60L of fuel tank capacity and it reaches up to a maximum speed of 80km/h. Its speed depends on weather conditions, carrying load, and engine performance.

Price of TATA Ultra.

The ex-showroom price for the TATA Ultra model is 23 lakhs in Indian rupees.

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