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Tata LPT is a truck manufactured by Tata Motors. it comes out with its 15 variants. This truck is used for doing or loading heavyweights and transferring them from one place to another. Its front side is a cab shaped with a driver seat and a passenger seat  While at its backside it has a large space for loading heavyweights.  About more than half of its length except the front cab,  it has strong durable metal strips  For supporting the load it carries.

As it is made for loading heavyweights it has High-quality leather tires that offer maximum grip on the road. Tata Motors has redesigned its old version with the latest one having a much improved suspension and brake system. Loading heavyweight depends on the durability of tires and the construction of other mechanical parts.  The 1112 truck uses a 3.3 litre water-cooled engine which generates enough power and torque to drive it smoothly.

‎Tata LPT

Extraordinary Features and Other Specifications:

The front cabin is furnished with a comfortable seat for the driver and a passenger seat made of Melba fabric.  These seats are specially designed in the X&Z direction to provide maximum comfort and convenience to riders. ‎Tata LPT 3118 offers large ground clearance with 25.7 percent of Gradeability. The interior compartment has a tilted 4-spoke steering wheel which is helpful for comfortable driving. This revised version has adopted an instrument panel supported by many functions.

This instrument panel is decorated with illuminated lights which increases visibility even at night.  It will assist the driver by informing about speed,  distance covered, Fuel consumption, map route,  navigation system, the pressure inside the tires, and overall performance of the truck. The front clean dashboard has a central console that provides a USB port used for charging and a music system with high-quality speakers.  It can carry a load of 7.3 tonnes.

‎Tata LPT 2024

Mileage and fuel capacity:

These truckloaders have to travel over a long distance so it has  15 litres of fuel tank capacity. Although the mileage depends upon the driving condition, load, and engine efficiency. Its recorded mileage is 610 KMPL.

Engine specifications:

Tata lpt 407 is powered by a 3.3 liter NG BSVI  engine with 3300cc engine displacement and is capable of generating power of 125 kW/2600 rpm which is coupled with the production of 390  Nm /1000 -2000 rpm of torque. This pairing is best for high performance and greater mileage.  in this way, the driver puts in less effort, which means it reduces muscle aches and fatigue, etc. A 12V battery is used as a power alternative.

Usage:  It is used for towing or loading heavy weights and helps in transferring from one place to another.

Cost of TATA 1112 LPT.

The cost of this truck exceeded 20.49 lakhs in the Indian market.

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