2024 Honda CB1100 Specs And Price

Honda CB1100 2024

2024 Honda CB1100 is a retro-classic motorbike manufactured in Japan just after the success of Honda’s Previous model Honda CG 750. It was first time introduced in 2010 but due to some shortcomings it was not a high-performance bike. But after some years in 2014, Honda launched its revised model with reference to mechanical specifications and its performance after which it was named CB1100 EX. The body frame, chassis and style were redesigned in 2017 with its new and modern facelift version.

This facelift version of Honda CB comprises of new bifurcate exhaust with a single outlet, a fuel tank made up of Aluminium, and newly designed LED lights. Now this latest and updated model was named CB1100RS. After all the changes in wheels, instrument cluster, suspension and braking hardware and the addition of different striking colors, the final model came out with the name of  Honda CB1100 ES and RS. This final edition of Honda CB was started in 2021 and it discontinued its production just after 1600 units.

honda cb 1100 2024

Honda CB1100 specs was most liked by the youth because they carries qualities of both retro type and classic type. It brought some innovative ideas in the automobile market with efficient performance, a reliable price range and a durable body frame. This classic bike offers a sporty look with a smooth and comfortable ride. Now, its customers or Honda CB 1100 rs lovers can buy second-hand bikes because the company has discontinued its production since last year.

Classical and  Innovative design with technically modified features:

2014 Honda CB 1100 has a leather-trimmed comfortable and adjustable seat with the most relaxing handlebar. It belongs to the most attractive designs ever made having beautiful LED headlights, indicator lights, an instrument cluster having functions of a speedometer as well as a fuel gauge. All the design and graphics were refreshed for this facelift version and it is the most popular among the young ones. It has an electric starter which is noise noise-free system, unlike a Kickstarter.

honda cb 1100

Honda CB 1100 For sale is the most comfortable bike to travel even at long distances and offers the best riding experience. The manufacturer has designed the suspension system and braking hardware of Honda’s products so that its vehicles can travel over uneven and bumpy roads without offering any resistance or noise. Its slipper clutch and Anti-Lock Braking system work for security purposes. For teenagers or beginners, it seems to be difficult to handle but for its regular users it does not create a minor problem, just gives a smooth ride. Its braking hardware comprises of 4-piston callipers at front side and single-piston calliper at the rear wheel with Sportmax Touring tires which offers maximum grip on the roads.

Engine Specifications of Honda CB 1100:

Honda CB1100 is powered by a DOHC 4-cylinder air-cooled engine with 1100cc engine displacement which produces power of 89 hp/7500 rpm which is coupled with torque of 91 Nm/5500 rpm. The engine works efficiently using a 6-speed transmission with accurate gear shifter technology.

honda cb 1100 2025

Mileage and Maximum speed of Honda CB 1100:

The Honda CB1100 Top Speed has recorded a mileage of 21Kmpl. Its fuel tank capacity is 17 liters. It reaches at maximum speed of 130 miles/h.

Honda CB 1100Price:

Honda has built a lot of variants belonging to various generations. Honda is the name of comfort and performance without any stress. New model Honda CB 1100 is not available as a brand new model so the company announced its prices just one year before as price range of  15,600 $ – 17,600 $.



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