2024 Rajputana Bike Price and Specifications

Rajputana Bike:

Vijay was a person who was born into a Rajput family. Since his childhood, he was a bike lover and his father and grandfather decided to manufacture bikes for him. After a gap of some years, they started a motorcycle company that remained successful in history and now it is well known as Rajputana Custom Bikes. They manufacture a lot of bikes with the name Royal Enfield Hunter 350, Cafe Racer, Kalaa Pani Ranisa, etc.

One of these Super bikes is the Royal Enfield Hunter 350 which is a wonderful roadster or a street bike and the third motorcycle being built on a J- J-series engine after the Meteor 350 and classic 350. After Royal Enfield Bullet 350 it becomes the largest affordable motorbike. Hunter 350 first time launched in August 2022 in India in much range able prices with a lot of features. The company introduced its three variants, Factory, Dapper, and Rebel in six different colors.

Rajputana bike 2024

The company got a lot of benefits from this model’s success. It’s not so high and has no large rake, which makes it difficult for riders to travel over long distances. This Rajputana bike motorbike is powered by a 350cc engine and it generates a lot of power to operate this vehicle smoothly. It offers a reliable and comfortable source of driving at a low price.

The company knows better how to make such a beneficial motorcycle with all the advanced features and high-performance J-series engine at such reasonable prices. It is available in six striking colors and it has evacuated all of the unnecessary body parts and has no lengthy tail. An average-height person can easily handle it as it has a comfortable handlebar, telescopic forks, and tripod instrument panel with an Analogue speedometer and can tackle a lot of problems by just monitoring one screen in front of you.

Mechanical Design and Technical Specifications:

Royal Enfield Hunter 350 a Rajputana bike brought an overwhelming, elegant, and stylish look at a low rate in the Motorcycle market. The bike lovers know its worth and performance. The overall frame is made up of rust-free metal mostly available in matte black color with a little mixture of other colors. This vintage-style bike has an instrument panel that keeps the rider informed about the fuel and speed of the bike. Mechanically its performance is good with a lightweight vehicle.

The company made the products of this Rajputana Bike limited products in three variants and eight striking colors. It has an Android charging slot and a USB port. Automatic Braking system, parking assist, and cruise control technology are its most distinct features for safety purposes. The Hunter 350 is available in just 181kg and it comes out with a central stand. It has a telescopic fork and twin tube emulsion shock absorber which offers an improved suspension system and along with its 17-inch tubeless tires, provides a smooth, comfortable, and less resistant driving experience. An upswept muffler with Aluminum caps is another extraordinary feature. This redesigned version is gaining much popularity among the bike lovers.

Rajputana bike

Engine performance:

It is equipped with a stroke single cylinder SOHC engine with 350cc engine capacity which can generate 20PS /6100rpm and is paired with 27Nm/4000rpm which increases its efficiency. This engine works with a 5-speed transmission. It comes out with a fuel tank capacity of 13L much larger than TVS 125. The fuel economy decides its city mileage about 40kmpl and on highway 37kmpl.


Depending on variants and trim levels, the price varies. In India, its starting price is 1,49,900 Indian rupees. Just looking at the extraordinary stainless steel frame with heavy bike machinery and five-spoke 18-inch larger front wheel than 17 inches smaller wheel, The company has to pay a lot in the manufacturing and assemblage of its parts.


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