2024 Yamaha TMAX Price And Mileage

Yamaha TMAX 2024

2024 Yamaha TMAX is a street bike called as maxi scooter with advanced and technical features and a new sleek design manufactured by Yamaha Motors from 2000-2020. Its first generation came out with a 500cc engine in 2000 and after it its redesigned version with maximum power production new TMAX  came out with the model name XP530. After which XP550 was released with D-mode.TMAX was actually Yamaha’s second generation model, before it there YP 250majesty. After a lot of changes in previous models, the Yamaha TMAX 530 and Yamaha Tmax 560 launched in 2020.

Yamaha Tmax Tech Max exterior

T-MAX was well known among bike riders due to its high performance and fuel-efficient engine. Yamaha designed its entire model with a unique design and distinct geometry which provides a comfortable environment to its rider. Its split-style seat and larger rake angle with a slightly uplifted front fork enhance its agility. The fuel tank is elevated from the driver’s cockpit and its handlebar is also mounted at some height which ultimately makes it difficult to handle especially for beginners and heighted persons.

Yamaha TMAX sale offers a much quicker, faster, and safer bike with a top speed of 115mph and fuel economy recorded mileage of about 47mpg. With a comfortable and soothing ride, no matter how long the journey is. It is famous for its outstanding styling and V4 engine with 562cc engine displacement. 550cc Yamaha Tmax offers a beautiful work of art.

yamaha tmax

Extraordinary Design and Mechanical Specifications of Yamaha T-MAX :

Yamaha’s history records include all automobiles with exceptional performance overall body of the Yamaha TMAX top speed is in naked style, and its Aluminum frame makes it lightweight machinery easy to handle. The front USD adjustable fork and rear mono shock absorber can overcome all the obstacles in front of its way. The perforated disc brakes in ten-spoke Aluminum wheels and tubeless bridge stone tires offer the best traction system which helps the driver to stop the motorbike in extreme emergencies.

Yamaha TMAX’s elongated swingarm and sleek design inspire all road siders and bike lovers. The most important feature is that it has a 7-inch TFT display with a speedometer, odometer, and trip meter and also has Android compatibility. The Yamaha TMAX new model is equipped with safety features like an Automatic braking System and traction system for safe and secure driving. Its specially designed headlight and T-shaped taillights offer an extraordinary classic view.

Its upswept-slinging exhaust works for the emission of particulate gases. The most distinctive feature which it has a fuel tank cap which is aerodynamically designed and a sound is produced if it is not completely closed. All the design is based on the front handlebar and windscreen which is electronically adjustable. Yamaha TMAX has a multifunction handlebar, unlike other sports bikes or street bikes.

yamaha tmax 2024

Engine, Power, and Mileage of Yamaha T-MAX:

Yamaha TMAX superbike is powered by a four-stroke liquid-cooled V4 engine with a 562cc engine displacement which is enough to generate power of 35kW /7500rpm coupled with the production of 55.7Nm of torque which increases engine efficiency and ultimately its performance also increases. This V4 engine works by using a V-belt automatic transmission. The motorbike reaches its maximum 115mph speed and 47 mph mileage.

Cost of Yamaha TMAX:

Everyone turns heads whenever they pass through a street being inspired by its high speed and handling. Nothing holds besides its performance. Yamaha T-max has limited production. It was sold out in the market just after its launching in the market. The company has high rates due to its styling, classical beauty, and performance with smooth ride. It Yamaha TMAX Price is about PKR 2,958,000/-.


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