2024 Nissan GT-R Specs, Engine, And Price

2024 Nissan GT-R Overview

Nissan is a Japanese multinational car manufacturer company that is famous for assembling
luxury sports cars. Its headquarters is in Yokohama, Japan. In 2007, Nissan launched a
powerful sports car called GT-R. It is a high-performance variant of the Nissan Skyline. Due
to its dynamic design, the 2024 GT-R has captured the hearts of car lovers worldwide.

2024 Nissan GT-R Price


The Nissan GT-R for sale is a wonder of engineering that combines power,
performance, and cutting-edge technology. One of the defining features of the GT-R3 is exterior
is its aerodynamic design. The large back spoiler helps keep the car planted on the ground, preventing
lift at high speeds. At first peek, it looks like a beast due to its unique shape. Its luxury seats
provide you with a comfortable drive.

2024 Nissan GT-R


Length: 4656 mm (183.3 in)
width: 1895 mm (74.6 in)
Height: 1,369 mm (53.9 in)
Wheelbase: 2780 mm (109.4 in)
Kerb weight: 1680-1785 kg (3704-3935 lb)
Front tyre: 255/40R20
Rare tyre: 285/35R20
Ground clearance: 110 mm


2023 Nissan GT-R powered by a 3.8-liter twin-turbocharged V6 engine (VR38DETT). It produces 353
kW of power at 6400 rpm and 583 Nm of torque at 5200 rpm. Due to its powerful engine, it gains
100 mph of speed in just 6.9 seconds. Nissan claims the GT-R uses 11.7L/100km. It has a
74L fuel tank. It should be able to travel 632 km per full tank.

2024 Nissan GT-R new


2024 Nissan GT-R new Model is more than just a car; it’s a statement of engineering prowess, a symbol of
power, and a work of art on wheels. With its unmatched power, advanced technology, and iconic
design, it’s no wonder that the GT-R has earned its place in the world of sports cars.Due to its
iconic design, it takes place in every car lover’s heart.

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