2024 BMW M240i Design, Specs And Price


In the world of car brands, few names produce a sense of luxury and performance like BMW.
BMW stands out as a luxury car brand in these. In 2016, BMW launched a powerful sports car
called BMW M240i hp. This luxury car offers you a comfortable drive. This car is designed to
delight car lovers and everyday drivers, offering a perfect mixture of performance and culture.
This beast is more than just a car; it’s an experience and a thrill.



At first peek, the BMW M240i xdrive catches your eye with its beautiful and muscular design. It is a
rear-wheel drive 2-door with 4 seats. The compact size and aggressive outlook make it perfect
and attractive for every person. Buyers have many options for seats. Its seats have been
designed according to the customer’s choice. Heating and ventilation features add extra
comfort, especially in extreme weather conditions.


Length: 4454 mm (175.4 inches)
Height: 1403mm (55.2 inches)
width: 1774 mm (69.8 inches)
wheelbase: 2690mm (105.9 inches)
Front Tyre: 225/40 R18
Rear Tyre: 245/35 R18
Ground Clearance: 130mm
Weight: 1545 kg

BMW M240i


2023 BMW M240i is powered by a 3.0L TURBO 6 engine that has produced 250 kW of power (at
5500 rpm) and 500 Nm of torque (at 1300 rpm). BMW claims the M240i uses 7.4L/100km. It has
a 52L fuel tank, meaning it should be able to travel 703 km per full tank. Due to its powerful
engine, it gains 60 mph of speed in just 4.0 seconds. BMW M240i top speed is 155 mph.


BMW M240i Price with a 6-speed manual is available for $51,150 – $58,740 and an 8-speed
automatic is available for $43,890 – $51,040.

BMW M240i 2024


A Car is not going to transform your life, but it will change your mood. Overall, the BMW M240i for sale is
a dream of many people. Its beast outlook, powerful engine, and sleek design said to every car
lover, “I am important”.

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